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Sep 29 2008

This Song Just Makes Me Happy: “This Must Be the Place,” Talking Heads

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I defy you not to be in a good mood after hearing this song.  I’m a huge fan of David Byrne  OK, actually I only know like 3 of his songs.  But still, “Burning down the House” rules and I always bop my head when this tune is playing.

Have a fun break, kick back with friends, and play this song.  Yay!

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Sep 29 2008

She’s Uncoachable: British Phenomenon Kelly Brook

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Kelly Brook

Do we even need to discuss the ridiculousness that is Kelly Brook? Can someone please explain what this British busty phenomenon is? Gemma Atkinson, Keeley Hazell, Kelly Brook, Queen Latifah. OK last one no but come on!

You got these British accents and racks up there that just won’t quit. It’s really not fair is it? And to top it all off, months and months ago Kelly left her boyfriend, and I haven’t heard of her dating anyone since. I’m pretty excited. I think I have a shot. Shouldn’t we all have a shot?

Enjoy the pictures

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Sep 29 2008

The Myspace Toolbox – Sexci Mike (AKA Juicy Pimpz)

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Sexci Mike

Unfortunately (or fortunately) there’s not too much information on Mr. Mike’s Myspace Profile. What is fortunate is that despite this fact we can read into plenty of things. professional

For starters, the lip pouting. What is with the lip pouting? Second. The constant no shirt and yet the skinny flabby look. Third. The dirty “line beard.” What the hell is a line beard?

Sexci? Is that some sort of code for greasy? And where the hell is Brooklyn Juicy World?

Brooklyn in Da House!

Sexci Mike Sexci Mike Sexci Mike Sexci Mike Sexci Mike

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Sep 29 2008

10 Awesome Acting Performances By Famous Music Stars

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Singer Actors

Just the other day I watched the movie Slingblade.  First of all, it was a fantastic movie.  Second of all, do you realize how good Dwight Yoakam was in that?  I mean think about how you much you absolutely must have hated that character.  Well if you’re a normal person you did.  And that hatred tells me how good his performance was.

And that got me thinking. What other famous music stars did great acting jobs in movies? And I’m not talking bit parts here.  I’m talking real deal acting.

Here are 10 performances that I thought were worthy of a mention.

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Sep 29 2008

Maybe It’s Too Soon To Say, But isn’t it Time to Get Tired of Chad Johnson errr Ocho Cinco?

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Chad Johnson

4 weeks in and he’s still not doing much (unless you count his TD and 28 yards as something).  I know all of us fantasy guys are waiting for an explosion. Personally I don’t care anymore.  It’s kind of like that guy who really sucks at basketball but continues to talk trash on the court.

It’s obvious no one wants him around anymore.  And it’s also clear that Housh is the man in Cincy, not Ocho.  How much do you think Carson Palmer must hate this guy?  EVERY time they’re on the sidelines Chad is bitching about not getting the ball.

Give me a break already.  OK sorry I just needed to vent.  I just can’t stand guys like this for too long.  It’s enough already.  Hell, Terrell Owens almost feels like a forgotten man.

I think Ocho Cinco will have to stick to chicken dancing and cutting hair in the near future.

Chad Johnson Chad Johnson Chad Johnson Chad Johnson Chad Johnson Chad Johnson

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Sep 29 2008

Monday Madness: The Mugshot Montage, Lucy Pinder in NUTS, and the $15,000 Mini Helicopter

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Henry Earl

Click on the photo to see the montage of this guy, Henry Earl, who was arrested over 1300 times.

We’re getting very close to the Jewish New Year and let me tell you guys….I’m pumped.  I just cooked the best Matzoh Ball soup on earth and I also made a serious brisket for tonight’s feast.  Being Jewish is great today.  Enjoy the days off tomorrow fellow Hebrews.

The Madness

Lucy Pinder and Chanelle in NUTS Magazine -[Totally Crap] (1 NSFW Pic)

The mini helicopter that helps you spy on neighbors – [Asylum]

5 Reasons to live at the BSU Fraternity House – [College OTR]

The more clothes she takes off, the more fun Katy Perry is – [Derober]

Pro Wrestler snaps his legs (watch at your own risk) – [I Am Bored]

Taking some laps in a Corvette ZR1 – [The Bachelor Guy]

Olivia Munn makes sexual noises doing just about anything – [Unibrow]

You gotta love Lenny Dykstra – [The Love of Sports]

It was bound to happen: Eva and Evan Longoria now friends – [With Leather]

The 10 Most Shocking Sporting Turn of Events in 2008 – [In Game Now]

Two years of Howard TV in two minutes – [The Comedy Feed]

The 8 Worst Real life jobs of video game characters – [Blog Of Hilarity]

Frat guys and their annoying antics – [Tastybooze]

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Sep 28 2008

Sunday’s Question of the Week Involves Nintendo’s Ring King

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Ring King

Um.  What the hell were the creators of “Ring King” thinking?

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Sep 28 2008

Sports Sunday: He’s Coming……Oden Time!

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For those 3 or 4 of you left who like the NBA, I’m very excited for the season of Greg Oden.  There’s nothing to dislike about this guy.  He let an entire season of injury motivate him even more.

Put on 20 lbs of muscle, strengthened himself to the point where he will pick on players.  I’m predicting 15, 10 and 1.5 blocks in his rookie campaign.

I’m rooting for you big guy!

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Sep 27 2008

Sexy Saturday: Your Playboy Model of the Year 2008, Jillian Beyor

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Jillian Beyor

A Congratulations to Jillian Beyor for her well deserved nod for Playboy Model of the year 2008.  Here’s something I wrote on her a while back which clearly still rings true today:

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Jillian Beyor, she possesses one of the finest bodies in the history of our time. Even better, she has her own Myspace Profile.  You’ve also probably seen her “Beauty and the Geek 5″ if you’re into that sort of thing.

What else can we say about Jillian? Other than the fact she’s wonderful to look at, word is the girl parties like crazy.  She’s the leader of the pack at all the Playboy Spring Break Parties and certainly knows how to make a living being ridiculously hot.

And it’s really unfair to watch her stick things in her mouth. I mean come on man. I’m trying to work here.

More of Jillian after the jump

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Sep 27 2008

The Weekend Wash: Bengals Football Jersey, Casey’s Sex Ed, and Janet Jensen

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Click on the picture for more behind this photo and plenty more.

I stand corrected in my last article.  Turns out there was a hot chick (or two) in a Bengals Jersey.  Thanks to my man Mo for pointing that out and for bringing us a few more to peruse.  That’s all I got guys.  Have a great weekend.  I’m very pumped to cook Matzoh Ball Soup right now.

The Wash

Yesterday’s Sex Ed with Adult Star Casey Parker – [COED Magazine]

I would most certainly bet on Janet Jensen – [Bustedcoverage]

The 700 Billion Dollar Bailout Conspiracy Theory – [Holy Taco]

Now this girlfriend gets pwned – [Cameltap]

John Elway pops the question to ex Raiders girl – [College OTR]

Wow, a video of total Myspace Toolboxes – [Don Chavez]

Tricia Helfer shows us the side view – [On205th]

A fun look at the latest in politics – [Drunkenstepfather]

Cal student put the “flaming” in flaming shots – [Tastybooze]

Sandra Ramirez is unbelievably sexy – [Totally Crap]

Street tubing is pretty dangerous – [Nextround]

Yesterday’s Lingerie contest – [The Bachelor Guy]

The hottest celebrity MILF’s of all time – [Unibrow]

Pat Summitt need some coon wrasslin surgery – [With Leather]

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