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Sep 30 2008

Man Crush of the Week: Tom Selleck in the 80′s

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Tom Selleck

I’m sorry but you just can’t match Magnum PI.  Bottom line, he has the name “Magnum” which is badass enough.

Given all the attention this clip has gotten over the last week I figured it was appropriate to pay homage to one of the most handsome men of the 80′s, Tom Selleck.

First of all, Tom Selleck’s mustache. The word “uncoached” does no justice to describe the manliness of that ‘stache or the power of his chest hair back when Ron Jeremy was still thin.

Plus, it doesn’t get better than wearing Hawaiian shirts, a Detroit Tigers hat, zooming around in a Ferrari killing bad guys, and taking down hot chicks for a living.

Selleck was the man back then and I just wanted to public to remember that.  Thanks.

Tom Selleck Tom Selleck Tom Selleck Tom Selleck

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