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Sep 29 2008

The Myspace Toolbox – Sexci Mike (AKA Juicy Pimpz)

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Sexci Mike

Unfortunately (or fortunately) there’s not too much information on Mr. Mike’s Myspace Profile. What is fortunate is that despite this fact we can read into plenty of things. professional

For starters, the lip pouting. What is with the lip pouting? Second. The constant no shirt and yet the skinny flabby look. Third. The dirty “line beard.” What the hell is a line beard?

Sexci? Is that some sort of code for greasy? And where the hell is Brooklyn Juicy World?

Brooklyn in Da House!

Sexci Mike Sexci Mike Sexci Mike Sexci Mike Sexci Mike

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10 responses so far

  • MacedonianBarbii

    HAHA wtf is up with this lameee website.. Michael is supperr hott.. and whoever created this PSYCHO website seriously must be ugly with no life and WISH they culd even come close to these guyss.. grow the fuck up and quit hating and masterbating to their pics because your too scared to post pics of your NASTY cunt ass self anywhere! YOU KNOW YOUR OBSESSED WITH THEM OR YOU WOULDNT HAVE MADE A SITE LIKE THIS U BITCHES. have you noticed that all these guys are are really good looking?! what the hell did they do to you?!?! just because they look and act the way they do on fucking GAY ASS myspace doesnt mean their like that in real life… u dont see them making fun of psycho creepass stalkers like you?! i give props to all these guys because behind every SUCCESSFUL person lies a pack of PATHETIC LOSER haters… get a life seriously you people on here are so damn SAD! lmao!


  • Natty

    That is by far the best comment we’ve gotten so far. This Barbii girl is incredible. Best part of this is that she thinks all authors of websites are fat and ugly. It’s a shame I’m so handsome otherwise Barbii would have a very good point there.

  • james

    haha that is so great, all these stupid quidos are tools, so one moron write in trying to stand up for these idiots, screw her, she is probably a guidette anyway, these guys are all tools, and they all deserve to get ripped apart becuase they act like morons, so they will be treated like morons….this site rocks, keep it up, i cannot get enough of these dopes

  • ‘Bag Hunter

    This guido is on http://www.hotchickswithdouchebags.com…he is the sidekick to Hall of Scrote extraordinaire Joey Porche

  • ashley

    this is too hilarious and a second opinion to the stupid 13yr old girl who calls herself “Barbii”? lol anyway– i can just tell by the first phrase she wrote that shes one of those girls who has never had a boyfriend and is obsessed with hot guys that have NEVER showed her the time of day, probably because shes the physco and thinks shes hot shit like the toolbags, and one thing i think i was crying i was laughing so hard is the part where she said that who they act like on myspace is not how they act in real life–woow hunny your a winner! NOW tell me WHY they put on some GAY FAGGOT ASS act on–ESPECIIALLYYYYY on the fucking internet and take more pictures of themselves than paris fucking hilton. and no it is not their fault that they are good looking—BUT what is their fault is acting like they are gods gift to mankind–BLOW ME! ANOTHER THING trick is that THEY ARE NOT SUCCESSFULLLLLLLLLL FOR THE LAST TIME, they drive mommy and daddys car and spend daddys money which is the reason they WILL NEVER BE A MAN no matter how hard they pretend. AND quite honostly its the girls like YOU that make their egos so fucking big and you allow them to act like that, so the real question is what the fuck is wrong with you! a few years ago guys who went tanning and waxed their eyebrows were no questions asked—-GAY! and now they still make fun of gay kids meanwhile gay men have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more class! I cant even believe this girl is sticking up for guys like this i almost feel sorry for her because she just wants their attention and will never get it, I am EMBARRASSED to share my generation with these pethetic assholes and hope the next is fucking smarter than these LOSERRRRRRRRS. And im right about everything ive written because i used to be friends with them until i realized they are just a waste of perfectly good air. Soo barbii if you are still thinking that these little dumb boys are worth your loyalty just know that if someone was calling you a slut or whore—those boys would be the first to point at you and laugh, so do a little growing up before you choose your company. As if this wasn’t long enough, these geniuses who made this website are just sick and fucking tired like EVERYONE ELSE who just have myspace to keep in touch with friends and have to look at people who act like them. myspace had brought out the absolute worst in people and NO ONE is who they say they are.

  • Mandy

    I couldn’t have said it better Ashley. Barbii (what retard can’t spell Barbi?) had me laughing until I cried. Talk about trying to dig this guy out by LYING and claiming these guys are not as stupid in real life as they portray themselves online. Its miss tool boxes like her that keep these Guido, gang banger-wanna-be, fruit loops thinking they are anywhere near cool. I fear for the future of our country with air heads like her in the mix. Nice try Barbi but YOU LOSE! And thanks for the entertainment.

  • haha

    Mandy, your a retard too. Its “Barbie” not “Barbi”

  • unknown

    what kind of face structure does he have? like a round head or squared or something else just wondering

  • unknown

    I know it’s a weird question but if someone can answer me that’ll be nice

  • unknown

    someone please answer my question



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