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Sep 26 2008

10 Awesome Nintendo Game Theme/Level Songs That Are Still with Me Today

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I don’t know about you guys, but I played Nintendo obsessively as a kid.  I would never stop until the game was won, ever.  Whether it was Double Dragon, Ninja Gaiden, or Contra, every game was a fun challenge and victory was quite sweet.

One of the things I distinctly remember were both the theme songs and even certain level songs.  They’d always stick in my head after playing and if I think pretty hard about it, I can still remember a bunch of them today.

Here are 10 that really stand out. And if these stay in your head? Sorry, but it’s not a bad thing is it? Just watching these clips makes me nostalgic. And please remember this isn’t a definitive ranking list. It’s the memories of my youth so take it as you wish.

Double Dragon

I’m pretty sure I still obsess about this game

Duck Tales 2

Probably the most fun theme song of any NES game ever. And the level songs are great too. Especially the outer space levelb.

Excite Bike

I used to love building my own boards. Remember that sound when your engine overheated? That sucked.

Super Mario Brothers

Easily the most well known theme song in Nintendo history. In fact so much so that it’s been revised repeatedly over and over through the years by bands, classic orchestras, you name it.

Spy Hunter

Wow, what a classic this game was.

The Legend of Zelda

Possibly the most well known video game of all time (other than Pac Man)

RC Pro Am

Now if this doesn’t pump you up then I don’t know what will

Ring King

I could have went with Mike Tyson’s Punch out but I literally was humming this tune in my head this morning. Terrible game but great song.

Ice Hockey

This game absolutely ruled. I used to love being the fat guy who could run over the skinny guys.


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