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Sep 25 2008

The Myspace Toolbox: Jeffrey = Piece of God

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Jeffrey God

Well when someone with hair like this and a bib on, you might understand why it’d be a little disgruntling for me to handle the fact that Jeffrey thinks he’s a piece of God.

Well actually it would depend what piece.  If it was that part right under the testicles that gets really sweaty (some call it a choad or grundle) then yeah, I guess he is a piece of God.

For the record one of his pictures below says “Vacant….who wants 2 buy this property.” Ohhhh I get it.  Like a play on words?  Like your body is the property but it hasn’t been laid in while?  But if you want to bid on it you can?

Let’s see the winner gets….a sexually transmitted disease!

Get bent buddy

Jeffrey God Jeffrey God Jeffrey God Jeffrey God

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2 responses so far

  • Grant

    So, you mean he doesn’t exist? Or just a piece of him doesn’t exist?
    Damn, why do these myspace douchebags have to use such clever subtext? Inquiring atheist want to know…

  • SUedee!

    So for the un edjucated
    the meaning of the name Jeffrey
    is Piece Of GoD

    he’s ok



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