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Sep 25 2008

Athletes are Just Like Us: Larry Johnson Likes Women

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Larry Johnson

They too throw Mard Gras beads to see boobs

Do any of you guys read US Weekly?  Do I deserve to get murdered for asking this question?  Hmm.  Let me rephrase that.  Do any of you guys that live with chicks or are married to a chick read US Weekly?  There that’s better.

Put it this way, when the damned magazine is just sitting there on the coffee table it’s pretty hard not to open it.  Especially when Britney Spears is in a bikini or bald on the cover inviting you to read.

So those that follow will know this, and those that don’t read along!  There’s a section called “Stars: They’re just Like Us.”  In this section are pictures of celebrities doing every day things like taking walks, going shopping, etc etc accompanied by captions that say things like “They do their laundry!”

Well here’s my version of that but with athletes.  Today’s subject is Chiefs running back Larry Johnson.

Larry Johnson

They too take one for the team

Larry Johnson

They too hang out with goofy scary looking white people

Larry Johnson

They too quench the dollar menu

Larry Johnson

They too look like gay cowboys.

Larry Johnson

They too try to cop a feel because of a photo pose.

Larry Johnson

I have nothing for this one but that chick is cute.

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