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Sep 25 2008

10 Non-Human/Human Look-Alike Pictures That Are Disturbingly Accurate

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Look Alike

This is disturbing

I’m a huge fan of spotting look alikes and I had even considered making an entire website dedicated to the subject.  Well, the folks over at I Can Cheezburger beat me to it with their website totallylookslike.

Each day users submit tons of potential look alike photos from around the web.  The admins then pick the best ones and post them each day for users to comment on.  I have to say that some of them are incredibly accurate.

I decided to scour through and find 10 human/non-human combinations that were pretty damned accurate.  FYI, most of these people don’t totally look like their non human counterparts at all times.

However, in these pictures they sure as hell do.

Mary Kate and the Troll Doll

Look Alike

Shawn Johnson and Gadget

Look Alike

Carrot Top and Liono

Look Alike

Clay Aiken and Chucky

Look Alike

Jay Leno and Roger Ramjet

Look Alike

Michael Jackson and Egyptian Statue

Look Alike

Alan Moore and King Theodon

Look Alike

Posh and Falcor

Look Alike

Jame Carville and Gollum

Look Alike

Johnny Damon and Caveman

Look Alike

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