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Sep 24 2008

7 Seinfeld Spinoffs That Would Have Been Successful

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Seinfeld Spinoffs

Spinoffs are a tough breed.  Most Spinoffs don’t really make it.  In the history of television there have only been a handful that have went on to become successful shows.  The best known examples would probably be Frasier (Cheers),  The Jeffersons (All in the Family), and Knots Landing (Dallas).

Personally I think a great show that could have featured some amazing spinoffs would have been Seinfeld.  But I’m not talking about the stars of the show.  If you’re thinking Kramer, Elaine or George it probably wouldn’t work.  The big four would have a tough time standing alone.

Even Newman would get old, as would the Costanzas.  But what if we used some of the other supporting characters?  Personally I think these 7 would make for great entertainment.

The Puddy Division

Seinfeld Spinoffs

Puddy definitely would have been an excellent lead character on the right show.  The actor that played him (Patrick Warburton), was in fact the star of his own show “Rules of Engagement” that I personally thought sucked.  But if you had a “King of Queens” type of feel where Puddy would have been featured as his mechanic self, pop in some supporting mechanic friends, give him a wife that nags him all the time, you’d have yourself a cross between Everyone Loves Raymond and King of Queens.  The guy who played Alton Benes (Lawrence Tierney) could play Puddy’s dad.  This show is a can’t miss.

Ping and Babu’s Super Terrific Comedy Hour

Seinfeld Spinoffs  Seinfeld Spinoffs

“You are a very bad man Jerry.”  Babu (Brian George) and Ping (Ping Wu) would have been an awesome selection for a spinoff.  Both could be featured in a sketch comedy show including all of the ancillary characters that were only briefly featured on Seinfeld.  Off the top of my head?  You could include Ramone the Pool Guy, The crazy guys that helped George with Frogger, The Soup Nazi, and a whole host more.  This show is a sure winner.

Law and Order with Jackie Chiles

Seinfeld Spinoffs

This would have put Ally McBeal to shame.  A comedic law show could have been a huge hit as long as it starred the ever present Jackie Chiles (Phil Morris).  Hot assistants, a couple of high powered attorneys and trials that extend beyond ridiculous.  Each week a new case with a new crazy character, followed by Chiles giving ludicrous opening statements and cross examination.  Finally, he ends up sleeping with all of his clients.

Moland Spring

Seinfeld Spinoffs

I don’t know about you guys but I would find it hilarious having a show that starred Mr. Pitt (Ian Abercrombie).  Set the show in some factory in Pennsylvania and call it “Moland Spring.”  Personally Mr. Pitt would be a much better character than the dolt Steve Carrell plays on “The Office”.  You could then include disgruntled employees who constantly make fun of Pitt behind his back, etc etc.  Endless possibilities.

Dr. Stan

Seinfeld Spinoffs

Remember Stan the Caddy (Armin Shimerman)?  He’d be a hell of a lot better than Dr. Phil.  You have a talk show that would feature Stan the Caddy as the end all be all of advice.  Women problems, divorces, drug addictions, you name it.  All problems will be solved with golf words of wisdom by Stan the Caddy.

Krueger’s Home Improvement

Seinfeld Spinoffs

The industrial smoothing business, as expected, goes under the tank, but utilizing his exceptional skills around the house, Krueger (Daniel Von Bargen) decides to star in his own Home Improvement show.  The only problem is that on each assignment he forgets a nail or two and every show contains some kind of funny mishap where Krueger says his staple line “I’m not too worried about it.”

Sidra’s “They’re Real and They’re Spectacular”

Seinfeld Spinoffs

This show is featured late night on Showtime or Cinemax.  I’ll leave the plot up to your imagination.

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  • http://americaswhiteboy.blogspot.com America’s White BOy

    “Variety Hour with Man-Hands and Mulva”

    “This week in trench-coats with Morty Seinfeld”

    “Soup Of The Day with Kenny Bania”

    “Mr. Pitts’ Big Band Jamboree”

    “Magic Carpet Ride featuring Babu Bhatt”

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  • Nadia

    Man, get Sidra out of there. I can’t believe you failed to mention Mr Peterman. THAT guy would’ve made a GREAT spinoff.

  • http://geeknews.net Andy

    Good call Nadia – Mr. Peterman belongs at the top of the list. :-)

  • Bob Sacamano

    I think Wilhelm should’ve gotten his own show, he seems so vital for a lot of plotlines — even the episodes he wasnt involved him.

    I think a show with wilhelm, ray (the guy with the statue), ramon, the “cant do it” guy should all rent a j peterman bus and drive around

  • http://www.bhg.com/recipes/desserts/ Desserts

    good post, thanks for this!

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  • http://studyandscore.blogspot.com suzybabies

    1) mailman confessions hosted by Newman
    2) Art Vandely’s architecture hour
    3) jerkstore – a sitcom about a failed store owner who is an asshole.

    check out the top ten worst condom ideas

  • m

    whats up harley!!!

  • Silas

    Don’t you think it’d be a little weird to recast Elaine’s dad as Puddy’s dad?

  • Vedgie

    An Hour of Science With Bob Sacamano

  • http://befirstinternetmarketing.co.nz PK

    Sorry I’m late getting here

    I agree with Nadia – get Sidra out of that list. Just watched the implant again this week, and that show doesn’t make my top 50

    Now if the role had been played by Nikki Cox, Jessica Simpson or Christina Hendricks………



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