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Sep 23 2008

What is Going on With the Kid From Two and a Half Men?

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Angus Jones Angus Jones

This is “cool?”

First of all, has anyone seen the movie The Rookie with Dennis Quaid?  It’s a movie about a 38 year-old science teacher/baseball coach who follows his dream to be a major league pitcher.  I personally thought it was a great movie.  In any event, one of the stars of the movie is Angus T. Jones, who plays his adorable and supportive son.

Angus happens to be the same kid who is now the third wheel on the show “Two and a Half Men.”  Can someone please tell me the appeal of this show?  I don’t get it.  It’s considered one of the best comedies on TV?  Really?  Charlie Sheen, the raggedy ladies man making fun of an extremely annoying Jon Cryer for 30 minutes?  Is Charlie Sheen 65 years old by the way?

And then this Angus guy who is one step away from Emo land making his extremely lame wisecracks about God knows what?  Clean it up guys.  Angus used to be this cute little chubby guy that you’d say “awww” to.  Now he’s just plain chubby and the hair.  Dude, come on man.

And is the show gonna be “And a half men” forever?  What happens when Angus is pushing 200 lbs?  3 and a half men?  This show sucks.

Credit to my buddy Cuzzy for making this call.

Angus Jones Angus Jones Angus Jones

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3 responses so far

  • Ryan

    Dude are you nuts? Its by far the best sitcom on the air… Laugh nonstop for the 30 minutes…

  • Coop

    Hell yeah, 2&1/2 kicks ass!!!

  • http://none mike

    i actually think 2 and a half men is a great show! i have no idea how someone could not think it is somewhat funny.(well unless your a PTA member or a bible hugger) and how could you call jake an emo! he is a normal teenager with long hair. and who cares if he is chubby or not. If you dont like the show then dont watch it why do you have to bitch to the internet about it.



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