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Sep 23 2008

The Myspace Toolbox: Ricardo, “You Ain’t Finna Murder Him Like Someone Else”

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No chance this guy can drink

Well I’m glad I ain’t gonna finna him. Does finna have to do with the french word “fin” which means end? You know like as in, “I ain’t gonna end his life like someone else.” Out of curiosity, who is this someone else that our Golden Boy Ricardo is referring to? Is it someone we’re supposed to drop our sips from our 40′s for?

Because I’m assuming that Ricardo does this all the time. He’s definitely a “Last sip for the homies” type of guy. And it’s not really because of fallen comrades. It’s because he’s too much of a puss to finish his drink.

Here’s a fun sidenote. Ricardo’s myspace address is Koala16. Isn’t that cute? It’s so cute that I’d love to take a curling iron to back of his head, give him a perm and show him the way to Dance Club USA.

What a tool

Ricardo Ricardo Ricardo Ricardo

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