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Sep 23 2008

5 Comedians Who Actually Had Careers for a While, But Thank God We Barely See them Now

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Have you ever watched those Old half hour stand up specials on HBO and realized how incredibly bad some comedians were? And I’m not talking about Comedians who just suck, pass you by, and never make it. I’m talking about the ones who actually seemed to have careers for a while. Seriously, how the hell did this happen?

Some stupid gimmick actually worked and some producer actually must have said “they’ve got star power.” How, oh how in the world is this possible? I really don’t understand it. I’ve personally done stand up before and I’m not saying it’s easy because it’s not. But I just don’t understand how someone could be this horrible.

Here are 5 comedians who someone thought had promise at some point. Thank God they’re not really featured in any major venues anymore. By the way if you can hack it through these 5 clips, I’ll give you a buck.

Rita Rudner

Remember Rita Rudner? That cocky, upper class way she had about her? Who thought this was funny? What the hell? I got tired of that crap within 3 seconds. Facelifts till your ears meet? And this woman was definitely famous in the 80′s.

Kevin Meaney

This toolbox made a living off of that unbelievably retarded yelling “that’s not right!” bit. And the bow tie? Some guy out there actually loved Kevin Meaney. What? And he’s definitely still performing in some crap club somewhere and old people are saying “That’s not right! I love that bit!”


I have to admit, I respect a guy who made a living smashing watermelons and having a giant couch on stage, but if anyone out there actually finds that funny then there is no hope for the world. I love the people in the audience though. This guy was Carrot Top before Carrot Top.

Louie Anderson

Personally I think he would have had a very funny movie career just doing parts like he did in Coming to America. Teenie tiny parts being the funny fat guy. But stand up? We get it buddy. You’re overweight and are making fun of being overweight. Family Feud? Really? His own Talk Show? Man. Why the hell am I still sitting here?

Margaret Cho

It would take me at least 16 pages to describe how much I can’t stand Margaret Cho. It’s safe to say that anyone who likes Margaret Cho is a person I would probably want to fight. She had her own show! Wow.

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4 responses so far

  • matt

    I tried, but you can keep the $1!!!!

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  • Enzu

    I like anderson, hes not A class but hes the best on a list of bad.

    Cho is the devil, seriously, instead of fighting people who like her we should form a posse and fight her. We need a posse because she would be the final boss of many, her miniboss’s consisting entirely of overly feminine males in there early 20′s.

  • Stucco

    Let’s not forget that it was Meany that taught us all the best way to pronounce Buttafuoco (“Buttah-foo-ooh-koh”).



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