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Sep 22 2008

It’s Pretty Tough to Take Arena Football Seriously

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Louisville Arena Football

This picture is priceless: Individual accountant ad in the background, mascot, cheerleaders AND kids dancing, two players in the endzone DURING a touchdown.

When I got a load of these pictures from a Louisville Fire Arena Football game, it definitely made me realize that the state of “minor league football” is far worse than that of baseball.

At least in baseball, funny gimmicks and sideshows are saved for between innings.  Not at Louisville Arena.

I mean when you have cabs and UPS trucks driving in the middle of the game with players on the field, I think it’s time to call it a day. Plus, can you really take a football game seriously when the final score is like 200-197?

As usual, the only saving grace are the cheerleaders and the cute mascot.

Louisville Arena Football

Players dig it when they run long routes only to have the ball intercepted by a giant blimp.

Louisville Arena Football

This I can at least find legitimate.

Louisville Arena Football

And this.

Louisville Arena Football

The refs all huddling up must be like “what the f*!k am I doing here? a UPS truck? really?”

Louisville Arena Football

Dude, you’re a long way from the airport pal.

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