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Sep 22 2008

10 New NFL Player Blogs That Need to Come out Soon

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NFL Blogs

I figure with everything that’s recently happening in the league (be it the plot lines or just funny stuff), there’s ample opportunities for some of the players in the NFL to come up with their own special websites.

Here is a list of ten that need to come out ASAP

Chad Johnson – Ochocincotoday.com

NFL Blogs

Just whatever the hell he’s doing that day.  It’s bound to be more interesting that whatever it is we do.

Chris Cooley – showmeyourhotpants.com

NFL Blogs

Cooley will get an NFL player to pose in hot pants every single day and run out onto the practice field, upon which people will submit comments.

Pacman Jones – whatspackingmyjones.com

NFL Blogs

Each day Pacman shares what kind of weapon he’s packing in his pants during games and practice.

Matt Cassel – casselskaraoke.com

NFL Blogs

Cassel shares his Karaoke experience at each city he plays in on road games.

Aaron Rodgers – brettfavreisaweenie.com

NFL Blogs

Every time Rodgers throws a touchdown he writes in his blog “There’s another one Brett, you suck.”

Reggie Bush – kardashianscardio.com

NFL Blogs

Reggie and Kim make a new “exercise” video each week to display to “fans.”

Matt Leinert – kurtwarnerismydaddy.com

NFL Blogs

Leinert’s chronicles from the bench and then later on the barstool.

Brandon Marshall – ruiningapromisingcareer.com

NFL Blogs

Every week a new story about how Marshall either committed a crime or did someone else to ruin his league reputation, followed by his diary after each 10+ reception game.

Peyton and Eli Manning – peytonandelicommercials.com

NFL Blogs

Just commercials with these guys.  You can’t miss.

Tom Brady – donothingalldayandhavegreatsex.com

NFL Blogs

This injury is a hoax.  Gisele put him up to it and this blog is a great way for him to fess up.

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