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Sep 16 2008

It may be Small, But Here Is the Latest List of Best Professional Jewish Athletes

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As I was watching the Giants/Rams game on Sunday my buddies and I couldn’t help but to notice a lineman by the name of Adam Goldberg.  It’s not as though he is a particularly well regarded lineman, but his last name sure rang a bell.

Adam, like myself is someone who originally came from the land of Canaan.   Yes, we are both Jewish.  And that got me thinking.  Who are the best current Jewish athletes out there in the world of sports today?

I tried my best to find the ones I thought all of you would know.  It’s a hefty list of 9 people.  So as you’re getting ready for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, these guys will be too.

Here they are

Baseball -  Baseball by far took the cake.

Ian Kinsler – 2B, Texas Rangers


Sitting at number 2 in Fantasy baseball before he went down earlier this year, Ian Kinsler was really starting to make a name for himself as a 2B in the majors.  This guy is about as good as it gets.  The Rangers should be pumped to have this guy blowing out his 8 candles come Chanukah.

Kevin Youkilis – 1B, Boston Red Sox


Another all star.  Youkilis couldn’t look any less Jewish if he tried but his baseball skills are pretty damned good.  We’re happy to have you buddy.

Ryan Braun – 3B, Milwaukee Brewers


Though I’m not 100% sure this name is gonna go mainstream “The Hebrew Hammer” is probably the best Jewish major leaguer since Sandy Koufax.  He’s a top MVP candidate this year and I’m definitely rooting for him to win.

Basketball – I’m not counting the guys on the Israeli team.  The NBA has one guy.  One guy only.

Jordan Farmar – PG, Los Angeles Lakers


Look at those ears!  I love this guy.  Farmer has got a nice jumpshot and he’s steadily improving in the league.  Look for him to be an All Star….never.  Still though, he wears a Yamaka on the high holy days.

Olympics  – This list is so small I had to use the Olympics as an excuse.

Sarah Hughes  – Figer Skater


Who can forget that smile when Sarah won the gold?  Is she competing again this year?  I hope so otherwise this doesn’t count.

Dara Torres – Swimmer


Who can forget this 42 year old swimmer?  MILF, athlete, Jew, you name it, she’s got it.

NFL -  Wow, there’s virtually no one here.

Adam Goldberg – Offensive Lineman, St Louis Rams


He’s not even a good player but he’s pretty much all we got.  Jay Fiedler was probably the best known in the NFL.


Michael Cammalleri – NHL, Calgary Flames


Cammalleri is not the only NHL guy but he’s definitely the biggest rising star of the bunch.  For all you hockey fans you might know Mathieu Schneider as well.


Morgan Pressel – LPGA


I was really hoping Tiger Woods had some Hebrew in him.  Oh well.   Morgan is the youngest LPGA player to qualify for the US Open (13 years old).

OK fine I’ll add Professional Wrestling so we can even out the list at 10.

Kurt Angle


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  • Mark

    Don’t forget Jason Lezak who swam an electrifying final leg in a relay to upset the French and help Phelps get one of his gold medals. Plus the other swimmer (with the hyphenated name) was also Jewish, so that’s 2 gold medal winners right there.

  • Boozy Mac

    A-Rod practices Kabbalah and is a Bigtime Jew Lover.

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  • http://uncoached marty

    Jason Marquis????

  • robert decker

    Doug shapiro 7 eleven pro cycling team and tour de france alum. Won many criteriums in the us. Levi leipheimer finished 3rd in tour de france. There are many world class jewish cyclists, its an expensive sport lol.



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