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Sep 15 2008

When Pro Wrestling was Real: My 10 Most Memorable Tag Teams

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Road Warriors

Remember when pro wrestling was (seemed) real? Remember when it was the WWF and not the WWE? At least when I was around 5-10 years old it sure felt real.

I mean some of these guys used to scare the hell out of me.  I remember being legitimately nervous when George the Animal Steel used to want to have sex with Queen Elizabeth.

Of course now you look back at the size of these guys, realize how funny their uniforms were, and know that the reasons most of these guys aren’t here today was because of one too many steroids, pain killers, or amphetamines taken.

Then again, that won’t stop me from compiling a list of memorable tag teams from my youth.

The list isn’t in any particular order but yes, it kind of is.

Strike Force – Tito Santana and Ric Martel

Strike Force

Perhaps the “gayest” of all the tag teams. Martel was a long time NWA guy and Santana was always the guy who came close to winning individual matches but never did. Santana always sported the sombrero laden tights. Love that guy.

Money Inc – Ted Debiasi and I.R.S (Irwin R. Scheister)

Money Inc

A few words. Jimmy “The Mouth” of the South. Do I really need to say more here?

The Rockers – Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels

the Rockers

Wait a second here. Did I say that “Strike Force” was gay? This is before Shawn Michaels was ever Shawn Michaels. And what the hell is Marty Jannetty up to these days? I’m guessing he attends tons of Eddie Money concerts.

The Killer Bees – B Brian Blair and Jumpin Jim Brunzell

Killer Bees

These guys were funny. Remember them wearing their masks and confusing identities? That was pretty cute.

The Brainbusters – Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard


If there was anything to take out of the NWA back in the 80′s it was the four horseman. Ric Flair was part of that badass gang and Arn Anderson was easily one of the dirtiest wrestlers back then. Today? This picture just looks like two child molesters.

Nikolai Volkoff and The Iron Sheik

Iron Sheik

You gotta love these guys. They didn’t even have a name! Plus they were managed by none other than Classy Freddy Blassie.

The Steiner Brothers – Ric and Scott

Steiner Brothers

Before the Steroids? Wait, what?

The Hart Foundation – Bret and Jim the Anvil

Hart Foundation

You also have to mention the name Greg “The Hammer ” Valentine when you look at these guys. Shouldn’t Jim the Anvil have been one of the arm wrestlers in the movie Over the Top?

The Road Warriors – Hawk and Animal

legion of doom

Also known as the Legion of Doom, these guys were just badass, plain and simple. Their end of the match move (The Doomsday Device) was simply uncoachable. Pretty much legendary figures of our time.

The British Bulldogs – Davey Boy Smith and The Dynamite Kid

British Bulldogs

Remember how fast the Dynamite Kid did a suplex? It was pretty silly. You just don’t realize how big these guys are when you’re a kid. I mean look at the size of these guys. Pretty silly stuff. Remember when Davey Boy turned into a bad guy? That just didn’t fit.

And yes, The Bushwackers and Demolition are in my thoughts.  These are just the favorites from my youth.  Relax people!

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  • http://www.backstagepowers.com The Hater

    some of the greatest are missing…

    Midnight Express
    Rock and Roll Express
    Stan Hansen and Bruiser Brody
    Wild Samoans

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  • Jason

    No Bushwackers? :(

    Great list though!

  • http://combustingboy.com Marcel

    The only memorable tag team recently has been The Dudley Boyz.

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  • http://blogs.timesunion.com/classconflict Brandon Mendelson

    Good list. I like the inclusion of the Hart Foundation since they’re often left out in favor of some of the more modern picks (like the Dudleys.)

    Although I have to say I was shocked not to see an honorable mention for the Head Shrinkers or any of the other really bad 90′s tag teams (The Godwins anyone?)

  • Timber

    Most Memorable Tag Teams????? I’ll agree some are there, but how do you put on guys like the Killer Bee’s and leave off Demolition??? Where is Doom, The Natural Disasters, The MegaPowers, The Powers of Pain(Warlord and Barbarian), The Twin Towers(The One Man Gang and The Big Boss Man) or The Rock and Roll Express. What about Meng and Andre the Giant. What about the Bolsheviks(Nikolai Volkoff and Boris Tszukoff), Someone has already mentioned the Buschwackers. All these guys should be considered before the killer bees.

  • Erik

    Only two of those wrestlers, Hawk and Davey Boy Smith, are dead. So saying almost half are deceased isn’t accurate. Wrestlers do die at an alarming rate though, for the reasons you’ve mentioned.

  • Dave

    actually only three of those guys are dead:

    Dynamite Kid, Davey Boy Smith, and Hawk.

    Lots of these guys are retired now but still kicking.

  • Greg

    Barry Windham and Mike Rotunda. The best!!!!

  • http://www.THEHUMANMARVELS.COM J. Tithonus Pednaud

    Dynamite Kid is quite alive and currently lives in Manchester.

  • Woolhouse

    Dynamite Kid isn’t dead. Just very, very close. In a wheel chair close. But he is certainely alive.

    I completely would have had Demolition in there. I have their theme song as my cell phone ring tone! “Here comes the Ax . . . Here comes the Smasher! The Demolition walking disaster!” Awesome. And why is Greg “The Hammer” Valentine part of the Hart Foundation? He was a member of Jimmy Hart’s wrestling group, but not the tag team. If you want to mention The Hammer, mention The Dream Team with a pre/Barber Brutus Beefcake. Very, very underrated team.

  • astroray

    What about the Mulkey Brothers/

  • Chris

    Dynamite’s not dead. Wheelchair bound, granted, but not dead. Just Davey Boy and Hawk have passed on.

  • Paul

    How about the Minnesota Wrecking Crew–Gene and Ole Anderson?

  • The last of the Duke Street Kings

    Whoah, whoah, whoah! Does nobody remember Paul Roma & Hercules, “Power and Glory”? The Powerplex (Herc superplexes the jobber while Roma simultaneously goes up for a big splash from the top rope) is one of the greatest finishing moves of all time!

  • Paul


  • Kevin

    Dynamite Kid is still alive – only Davey Boy Smith and Hawk have passed away.

  • Jackson

    Typhoon??!! Earthquake and Tugboat….c’mon

  • kaj

    What, no Bushwhackers?!

  • http://desouzapalooza.com Dave

    Hey, What about the Von Erichs?

    Here’s a list of dead wrestlers:


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  • Mike

    YESSS!!!!! Mulkeymania running wild for Bill and Randy, the Mulkey Brothers! I remember them getting their 140 pound bodies mercilessly pummelled by the Horsemen, Midnight Express, etc. and then the Crocketts were really cool to let them have a first round upset in the World Tag Team Tournament.

    My favorites (combines wrestling and interview skills):
    1. Arn Anderson and any other of the 4 Horsemen;
    2. Road Warriors (Hawk was second to Ric Flair as an interview);
    3. Midnight Express;
    4. Iron Sheik and N. Volkov (Sheik was great to say “USA, hock-tooey” Everyone could hate him!)
    5. Dusty Rhodes and Magnum TA
    6. Ivan and Nikita Koloff
    7. Freebirds (I loved how Terry Gordy would just pace around mad);
    8. Terry and Dory Funk;

    My list is going to be more into the NWA because I just couldn’t stand the WWF as much.

  • Gino

    you forgot one of the best and (shortlived) tag teams

    Tower of Power Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior it was the dream team

  • http://thecollegecrowddigsme.blogspot.com/ Casey

    Great list…but where’s Ax & Smash – Demolition?

  • Smark II


  • Ben

    What about Tony Atlas and The Rock’s dad Rocky Johnson?

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  • Tubby

    Road Warriors were the best, followed by Windham and Rotondo.

    BTW…Rick Martel was a long time AWA member, not NWA.

  • http://americaswhiteboy.blogspot.com America’s White Boy

    Where the hell is Demolition?!

  • Bulldogs Rule

    The Brits would top my list.

    I can’t believe Brutus Beefcake and Greg Valentine haven’t been mentioned! The time they mashed Luscious Johnny V’s cigar into Barry Windham’s eye was priceless! That’s how they won the title. That move alone puts them near the top of my list.

    Despite apparently being a killer, I was a fan of Chris Benoit and his tag title run with Chris Jericho was good too, especially when they beat Austin and HHH on RAW for the belts.

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  • AW71

    My List:

    1– The Road Warriors

    2– Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid

    3– Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart

    4– The Steiner Brothers

    5– Demolition (Ax and Smash…..Crush sucked)

    6– Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson

    7– New Age Outlaws (for sheer entertainment)

    8– The Rock-n-Roll Express

    9– Ted DiBiase & Mike Rotundo

    10– The Freebirds

    Been a pro wrestling fan since Hulk Hogan began his run in the early 80′s, and I’ve seen ‘em all. Anyone not on this list are pretenders…just my opinion.



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