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Sep 15 2008

Whatever Happened to The Bad Guy from Karate Kid 2?

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Yuji Okumoto Yuji Okumoto

His name is Yuji Okumoto and for the record this guy is the absolute man. I’ll never forget seeing Karate Kid 2 and being so devastated when he kept picking on poor Daniel San.

Actually wait, it was pretty damned funny now that you think about it. And come on! Like Ralph Macchio could kick this guy’s ass? Yuji was the man back then. Totally ripped and he wore incredible button downs and slacks.

Anyway, Yuji’s actually been in lots of movies. If you haven’t seen Aloha Summer I highly recommend it. Currently Yuji still acts, is a restaurant owner and word is, he’s a great guy.


Yuji Okumoto Yuji Okumoto Yuji Okumoto

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  • ChicoJones

    I think this is the same dude that plays the Howard Cosell impersonator antagonzing John Cusack in the classic “Better Off Dead”. Werd.

  • Natty

    You would be correct and should also check out my “Better Off Dead” post.

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  • bully

    oddly enough, he was also one of the nerds in ‘real genius’ (tanning invitational scene).

  • bully

    “they’re beauticians?!”



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