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Sep 11 2008

The 10 Hottest ESPN News Reporters

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I know that hot news reporters is such a big subject these days. In fact I think I may have been one of the first on the subject over 5 years ago on my first (and very crappy) blog. And while all the attention may go to women like Erin Andrews (as it should) there are others out there.

And there are more hotties on ESPN than you think. Some you may know, and some you’ll be thankful I brought to your attention.

I did not put these in order because there would be way too much debate, but here are (in my eyes) the 10 Hottest ESPN News Reporters (one formally worked for ESPN so give me a break).

Jaime Little

ESPN Hotties

Jaime is the ESPN Pit reporter. If there’s any way she could give me a tune up I’d surely appreciate it. Here are some more pictures as well as her website.

Alex Flanagan

ESPN Hotties

She does a lot of the sideline reporting for Notre Dame Football games on NBC. She also hosts NFL Total Access when Rich Eisen isn’t in. I hope Eisen gets sick a lot.

Laura Lane

ESPN Hotties

Laura quoted this site in one of her articles. That’s all I have to say. Plus, she’s hot.

Bonnie Bernstein

ESPN Hotties

Bonnie is a debate amongst many people in making it on this list. But here’s the debate finisher. At some point, a male, in his life, has had a few beers, watched Bonnie on TV, and thought to himself, “Yup, I’d definitely do it.” Case closed.

Heidi Watney

ESPN Hotties

There are numerous mentions of Heidi Watney across the board. And rightfully so. She’s got that All-American smile. While Heidi technically is an NESN reporter, she was also was a host for a sports radio talk show on the ESPN affiliate 1430 KFIG.  So that counts in my book.

Michelle Tafoya

ESPN Hotties

Michelle Tafoya falls in the Bonnie Bernstein category. Read it again.

Erin Andrews

ESPN Hotties

The Queen. Andrews may never be dethroned.

Suzy Kolber

ESPN Hotties

Hey if Joe Namath loves her, then so do I.

Rachel Nichols

ESPN Hotties

The only redhead to make it into the group. Nichols has a huge following of fans and athletes alike.

Molly Qerim

ESPN Hotties

Perhaps the least known of the bunch, I personally think that if Qerim is sent out into the field more, and she wears low cut blouses then Andrews may have a run for her money.  She’s keeping her talent very hidden with that outfit.

Ashley Russell

ESPN Hotties

A quick shout out to Rivals.com announcer Ashley Russell. Let’s hope she makes it to ESPN.

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82 responses so far

  • duane

    I think Wendy Venturini, who helps call the Nascar races as well as other SpeedTv events gets an honoerable mention.


  • http://americaswhiteboy.blogspot.com America’s White Boy

    Molly Qerim is crazy hot. I see her on the College Football daily show on ESPN and they always have an extreme close-up of her. I couldn’t tell how hot she was based on that, but I know she is a hot face.

  • Crabdogg

    what about Coleen Dominguez

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  • Ghostfacekiller

    “I’d hit it” isn’t really an indicator. I’d do Shelley Smith and Dana Jacobson just to say I did it. Get me some PCP and Mike Greenberg better not turn his back.

  • muckfichigan

    suzy kolber hot??? She looks like a man and sounds like one too.. fugly

  • http://tigers.com/user donny

    No Adriana Monsalve from ESPN Deportes? c’mon….

  • datmanrob

    what about sage steele yall trippin

  • Bisch

    Wendi Nix has to be on the list if Kolber and Tafoya made it.

  • mike latimer

    Ashley, jamie and laura are my 1,2,3…. Rachael scares me— and molly looks like she was used to be a man…

  • http://www.tailgatingideas.com Tailgating Dave

    I have to go with a +1 on the Rachel Nichols bandwagon. Something about those redheads. I actually back up my DVR when skimming through Sportscenter and I see her doing a stand-up.

  • Todd

    Cindy Brunson. Fin.

  • Mur

    No Amy Nelson. And Michelle Tofoya is gross.

  • tyler

    The real question is why are there female sideline reporters who know nothing about the sports they “report” on. If they were figure skaters or synchronized swimmers let them talk about those sports.

    But shut up if you never played football. Being a cheerleader doesn’t count, and having sex with a quarterback when you were in college also does not make you an expert on football.

    There are plenty of hot cheerleaders to look at, I want to watch the game.

  • B

    I can’t STAND Rachel Nichols. Worst… reporter…ever. No way she belongs on this list, and has zero personality.

  • rupert

    Where’s the love for Wendi Nix? She makes my knees tremble>

  • Bens

    Where is the Canadian version of espn’s (tsn) reporter Jen Hedger????? Come on boys Canadian girls kick ass!

  • bigd1619

    Tofoya knows her stuff, but is better suited for radio.
    Bonnie Bernstein has been looking smokin’ hot on NFL Live!
    Rachel Nichols has her moments.

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  • Martin

    As the photographer who took the photo of Erin Andrews you’ve used twice…I appreciate the love. Not sure about the Photoshop work to put her in a KU sweater, but hey…I understand the desire to see her your own team’s colors. Go Blue! (a differnet blue, that is)

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  • Iceman

    Molly Qerim is the only reason I watch college football live each day.

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  • Tim

    No need to justify Bonnie Bernstein. She is way hot! If Alex Flanagan, Michelle Tafoya and Rachel Nichols made the list, then Bonnie should be on the list. She’s #1 in my book.

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  • Seth

    All these ladies are very hot, but Sage Steele is head and shoulders above the field. I’ll bet even her feet are hotttt. Jemelle Hill is sexy too. Linda Cohn is hot babe emeritus, and now you have Reischea Canidate as hottie du jour.

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  • jaytersen

    what happened to andrews shirt. Has somebody been fiddling about in photoshop … nice work by the way

  • MK

    No Colleen Dominguez ? I have sperm with her name written all over them…………..


    Jemele Hill – are you nuts!!! She has no talent and barks.

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  • http://myspace.com/tjfats King of All Losers

    Jill Arrington = All time hottest

    ‘nough said

  • http://sixpacktech.com fleetflatfoot

    I agree with two from the comments list: Collen Dominguez and Adriana Monsalve. I have one more. Not from ESPN, but Pam Oliver is awesome.

  • http://www.honourchick.com Honour Chick

    hmmmmmmm…. i just bust a nut on my screen.

  • Muttly

    Wendi Nix is easy on the eyes but her screaming loud voice is unbearable. She’s got to realuze that louder isn’t better. Tone it down Wendi or get off the air.

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  • http://n/a Joe

    Yeah, whatever. I agree about Erin Andrews, but you totally forgot about Wendi Nix. How in the world could you leave her off? It’s your list though.

  • http://www.coffeerama.com coffee

    Ashley Russell is the best thing that’s ever happened to sports reporting

  • Jim C

    Stacey Dales. She is the hottest.

  • jeojeoj

    What about ESPN’s firts sports fox, Gayle Gardner. I don’t know what she is doing today, but in the 80s she was hot.

  • TxW9R

    Dana Jacobson and Hannah Storm

  • IKE

    What??? No Holly Rowe? lol
    Seriously. What about Sage Steele? Hannah Storm? If nothing else, they’ve got the coolest superhero names! :)
    I’d hit ‘em!

  • Ben Going

    How about the top 100 ugliest women on television


    Where is Pam Oliver??? She has to be on the list. She’s got the best assets and tightest body out of all of these puny women!!!

  • Eddie

    Without a doubt, Heidi Watney is the hottest sportscaster ever!

  • Brian

    Molly Qerim and Erin Andrews the two best definitley.

  • Scott

    No PAM OLIVER??? Bogus!!

  • nick

    HANNAH STORM!!!!!!

  • Alan

    I LOVE Windi Nix !!!!

    She’s got the best voice, personality and looks of any of the sports women reporters or anchor’s.

  • marc

    first wendi nix is hot as hell. What about michelle bonner

  • steve

    are you kidding me..Erin Bates didn’t make the list!!!! Maybe she’s not on ESPN..hell surely she’s done something for them…

  • Jon

    Heather Mitts

    Ever heard of her? She is by far the hottest of them all. I love her face especially her eyes and smile and she is in shape playing soccer like she does. I hate A.J. Feeley every day for being lucky enough to be her fiance

  • Mike

    what about hannah storm and reischia candidate!!! they’re smokin…oh and sage steele and amy nelson

  • http://top10hottestespnreporteres keithh1974

    I cant believe Nicol Manske didnt make the list, she is sexy as hell. Nicole Manske and Sage Steel would be in my top 3 or 4

  • James

    Where’s Dana Jacobson? I watch 1st and 10 every morning just because of her.

  • EZ

    Michele Tafoya is gross. How can she be on the list. Disgusting. Bonnie is a piece of ass. You do not need a beer to want to bang her.

    Rachel nichols is not good looking but there is something about her. she is like a truck stop hooker with cum in her hair.

    Put sage steele on the list.

  • dj guy thomas

    I can’y believe, you guys don’t have Sage Steele, Or Pam Oliver on the list and Heather Storm who is athletic hot. Where is the love for the Sisters

  • shoop

    Beadle anyone?

  • rusty skoog

    thank god someone finally mentioned michelle beadle. she may not be the best looking (but she’s definitely waaaay up the list), the thing that really puts her over the top in my book is her personality and sports knowledge. i’d take her to a ballgame and then take her home, and then we’d play a little game of our own ;-)

  • Ryan

    what about michelle beadle from sports nation

  • Jimmy

    sarah carbonero of deportes is pretty hot too

  • the dude

    amy k and hannah storms blue dress

  • Bo

    If you ever saw Pam Oliver’s ass you would make her # one, no question asked, now that’s a woman.

  • http://www.bayanbakim.com ender saraç

    .what about sage steele yall trippin…

  • wally

    Erin Andrews….gimme a break. Aging poorly, and that whiiiiiiiiiiny 16 year old high school girl voice. Needs voice lessons, and plastic surgery. Only the lonely and desperate drool over her.

    Oh, did I mention, no talent whatsoever??

  • Footlover

    Suzy Kolber has sexy feet. As long as them reporters have sexy feet . I wanna suck Suzy’s toes!! And I’m bi sexual so if any of you guys have big cocks!!p. Comment back

  • Ryan

    what about michelle beddle dude she is super sexy hosts epsn sports nation

  • Hardon

    Suck those lips for me.

  • Heidi

    This is one stupid article. As if anyone cares about any of these opinions

  • Rutger64

    ***** INES SAINZ *****


    Did none of you watch the Worldcup in South Africa last year?



  • Rutger64

    And, eh, Heidi, this for men. You must be donkey (and a female one at that!)

  • PJtheDJ

    This is old article that people are still commenting on.
    Sure, Natty’s an idiot with poor writing skills (at least admitted to it with comment about the original “crappy blog”), but don’t blame him/her about leaving Michelle Beadle of SportsNation off the list. This article was written over two years before SportsNation first aired (according to imdb.com).

  • http://wwwgmailcomin udham singh

    my names udham singh

  • anonymous

    What about Sara Walsh. I know she’s pretty new but man, she’s pretty nice looking. Also 2nd on Michelle Beadle. She’s not the hottest but if you combine her sports knowledge with her relatively decent attributes, you have a winner.

  • Where R

    Where’s Michelle Beadle, and Dana Jacobsen?

  • GFY

    Michelle TaFoya!?? LOL! Dog sandwich.

  • labeda65

    Number 1 hottest ESPN chick Lindsey czardniak not sure spelling of last name but she is so hot with nice legs,& number 2 Carissa Thompson she is almost number 1 she has amazing legs also.#3 is Michelle beadle hottie & another good thing about her is she likes to party after the espy awards she got wasted & kept trying to get Aaron Rodgers to bang her, but Rodgers kept turning her down so clay Mathews banged her that night.so she’s a pretty fun chick.those are my top 3 favorite ESPN hotties.



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