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Sep 05 2008

Whatever Happened to Long Duk Dong?

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Gedde Watanabe Gedde Watanabe

It’s amazing how time flies. The same guy that uttered the unforgettable line “What’s Happenin’ Hot Stuff?” is now 53 years old. His name? Gedde Watanabe. “Where is my automobile?” Man I loved the Donger.

As I watched 16 Candles for the 515th time I realized that the movie absolutely sucks save for the Donger and Anthony Michael Hall’s character, “The Geek.” Yes that’s right, we never found out his name.

So what is Watanabe up to now? He’s still going strong as an actor. You may have even caught him as recently as a few months ago in Forgetting Sarah Marshall as a hotel manager. Here’s something I totally forgot. He was in an episode of Seinfeld in 1996. How about that?

I miss the Donger. Donger needs food.

Gedde Watanabe Gedde Watanabe Gedde Watanabe Gedde Watanabe Gedde Watanabe

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5 responses so far

  • Mike

    Anthony Michael Hall’s 16 Candles character was “Farmer Ted”. Nobody every explained this because he really wasn’t a farmer.

  • Jon

    The geek’s name was Ted Farmer, but calls himself Farmer Ted.

  • thomas

    wasn’t gette watanabe in ER? I get all those asian actors confused. and yes, it was Farmer Ted.

  • YouForgot

    His best quote, “Oh sexy giiiiiiirlfriiiiiiiiiend!”

  • tonepoet

    The Donger was also in a Tom Hank’s movie called Volunteers, which is a great movie. He played a great part in it as the only native that could speak English very well.



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