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Sep 05 2008

She’s Uncoachable – Erika Medina

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Erika Medina

I’m gonna go ahead and say that Erika Medina may be one of the hottest girls that I’ve ever posted on this site. To anyone that actually knew of this woman before and didn’t alert me? Honestly you’re in my doughouse.

I think Jessica Burciaga and Monica Leigh have some major competition. So given that I’m completely smitten with Erika, I’d like to pose two questions to the readers out there. One: What would you do to spend one night (have sex) with Erika? Two: What would you do if Erika was your girlfriend and broke up with you?

I’ll answer number two (the answer to number one would be too graphic): Display my penis to the world on an internet broadcast. Why? Because the pain of her breaking up with me would far exceed the embarrassment of the world seeing my flaccid, limp, little guy.

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  • Steve

    Have you seen her in the new web series “The Insider’s Guide to Film School?” She is in several episodes and she is fantastic. Plus, she looks really hot. The website is http://www.igtfs.net



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