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Sep 04 2008

A Rare Amazing Moment on the Subway

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As I have stated in the past, I’m not too big a fan of public transportation. In fact, for the most part I despise it. However, on rare occasion there are some moments where I completely enjoy it.

Last night for example, it was a typical hateful start to the subway. The car was relatively crowded and people were close to touching me. I was definitely a little skiddish. However, once we stopped at 14th St Union Square (I was on my way to Canal Street), it lightened up and I was able to sit in a seat.

The best part was that I had a lot of space and no one was really sitting next to me. I had a chance to see my surroundings and look at all the people. No one really seemed like the type I’d hate, except for this guy who had a Myspace Toolbox look to him, and even he didn’t piss me off.

Why? Because I was sitting there, with a total straight face, blasting my IPod. And what tune came on? “If you Want to be my Lover” by the Spice Girls.

I just found it 100% amusing that all these people who were sitting there must have saw me and my serious face, and yet had absolutely no clue that I was listening to Spice Girls on full blast.

Now that’s a great moment.

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  • Enzu

    Dunno about your headphones but when mine are full blast everyone can hear them.. maybe they were all laughing inside at the guy listening to spice girls with a straight face like they didnt know.



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