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Sep 03 2008

Texas Tech Red Raiders Football wins Two Awards: Best Fans and Dorkiest Looking Band

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Texas Tech

No clue what they’re trying to be, but that’s dedication

As the College Football season gets underway, us writers out there are going to be getting tons of material. And it’s not of the “he’s going for the Heisman Award” variety. As legions of students prepare for all that is college debauchery, guys like me are going to be there to scoop up the dirt.

And to kick it all off, I decided to start off light. Oh I’m sure we’ll get to muddy drunk pictures at some point, but for now, let’s head on over to Texas Tech to check out some fan dedication and loser band dorks.

Photo removed at owner’s request

Forget the fact that the Red Raiders won and their Graham Harrell threw for 536 yards. Just check out this dedication. This guy does not mess around.

Photo removed at owner’s requestAnd neither does he.

Photo removed at owner’s requestYay! None of us are going to get laid!

Here are a few more shots from the game.

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  • TechSucks

    If by “best fans” you mean “biggest assholes crowded into a stadium.”

    I’ve never been surrounded by a bigger group of total jerks than when attending a Tech football game as a supporter of the opposing team.

    There’s cheering your team on and then there’s total disregard for humanity so long as your team wins.

  • http://www.thefavoritesrock.com bford

    Tech has great fans and a great game day atmosphere. Fantastic place to see a game.

    And yes, the band geeks look pretty much the same everywhere.



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