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Sep 30 2008

Michelle Hunziker Leads the PM Portfolio

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Michelle Hunziker is a Swiss actress who appears in mainly German and Italian TV shows that haven’t bee translated into English. Oh and by the way?  She’s a mother.  Wow.

Enjoy the rest of the Portfolio

BOdy Milani Marisa Miller Sara Penny Paris Arias Kurkova

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Sep 30 2008

A Guy I’d Like Out of the Way: Craig Gross, Anti Adult Film Advocate

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Craig Gross Exxotica Convention 2008

Quick question. Would you rather be the douche on the left handing out religious literature, or the guy on the right? I rest my case. Go home Craig.

For all of you who don’t know, porn conventions are pretty popular events.  You know, guys like porn.  And obviously these things get pretty big turnouts.  However, generally that also involves some drawbacks.

There’s always this one guy that shows up who really needs to be removed from Society. That guy is Craig Gross.  Craig is a former pastor and anti porn advocate who has a site called xxxchurch.com.

“Gross and his crew of volunteers, all women in their late teens or early 20s, were passing out the deceptively packaged Bibles to attendees.”

Pictures conventions after the jump

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Sep 30 2008

Man Crush of the Week: Tom Selleck in the 80′s

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Tom Selleck

I’m sorry but you just can’t match Magnum PI.  Bottom line, he has the name “Magnum” which is badass enough.

Given all the attention this clip has gotten over the last week I figured it was appropriate to pay homage to one of the most handsome men of the 80′s, Tom Selleck.

First of all, Tom Selleck’s mustache. The word “uncoached” does no justice to describe the manliness of that ‘stache or the power of his chest hair back when Ron Jeremy was still thin.

Plus, it doesn’t get better than wearing Hawaiian shirts, a Detroit Tigers hat, zooming around in a Ferrari killing bad guys, and taking down hot chicks for a living.

Selleck was the man back then and I just wanted to public to remember that.  Thanks.

Tom Selleck Tom Selleck Tom Selleck Tom Selleck

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Sep 30 2008

She’s Uncoachable: Car Model Lisa Angeline

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Lisa Angeline

“Who is Lisa Angeline?” one might ask. Well, she’s just a regular, ridiculously hot Latin Model who gets to have fun for a living. You see that’s the difference between an attractive female and most of us normal guys.

The women can simply look good, act “bad” and make a living off of it. Can you even fathom spreading your legs and talking dirty to cops trying to weasel your way out of tickets? And somehow make a living doing this?

We guys may think we’re the more powerful sex, but who are we kidding? These girls walk around a club and get paid for it. I’ll say that again, they WALK and get paid for it. I rest my case.

Let’s just enjoy her pictures before I shoot myself.

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Sep 30 2008

The Myspace Toolbox: Vicious Vic

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Vicious Vic

“If UR winning, fight like your losing.”  I tell ya that’s the kind of quote I’d want on my Myspace Profile.  Does anyone know what the hell this means? How about if you’re winning fight like your winning?  And does anyone really think this guy lives in Rio De Janeiro?

The answer is a definitive “no.”  Congratulations for taking pride in your possible Brazilian heritage to make more friends in the U.S.  Chicks really dig guys who wear yellow ties and pose with chubby friends.

Come on Vic.  You might want to head back to Brazil.  Maybe they like lip curl pictures and bug eyed sunglasses.

Vic, you suck dude.

Vicious Vic Vicious Vic Vicious Vic Vicious Vic

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Sep 30 2008

A Collection of Athletic Mascots That Make Zero Sense to Me

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For the life of me I can’t understand how some mascots come to be.  I feel like it’s a group of guys sitting in a room smoking pot saying, “dude, how weird can we make this thing?”

How is it possible to have a team name like Chiefs and wind up with a wolf as the mascot?  How do you have a team that represents a bunch of fish and then have something that looks like an alien?

For whatever reason, ownership approves of mascots that in no way represent what I assumed the team is supposed to represent:  their city, name, culture, whatever, anything but whatever the hell these mascots represent.

Here is a small collection of mascots that make zero sense to me.

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Sep 30 2008

Got 45 Minutes to Kill? One of the Best Sports Videos Ever: Dazzling Dunks and Basketball Bloopers

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Michael Jordan

I’m sharing this video is for both the new generation of basketball fan and nostalgic guys like me.  It’ s a reminder about all that was great in the game.  When I was a kid, the 80′s were the supreme time for basketball.  Scoring was high, and you had perhaps the greatest rivalry in the history of sports:  Lakers vs. Celtics.

P.S. Michael Jordan was his “Come Fly with Me” self back then.  So far all you guys that didn’t get a taste of one of my favorite times for basketball, sit back and watch how amazing this video is (It’s split into five parts).

Frank Layden and Marv Albert are……Uncoached.

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Sep 30 2008

Just the Tip Tuesday: Girls Aloud Makes me Happy, The McCain MILF Shirt, And Cut up Books

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Girls ALoud

The New Girls Aloud Single – Trust me, hot chicks

Believe me guys, I don’t just link to girl band videos unless there is a purpose.  And the rulebook says whenever there’s anything involving Cheryl Tweedy, you link to it.  In other news, I just learned how to punch a guy so that he becomes paralyzed in the trachea.

The Tips

The best John McCain T-Shirt thus far – [Busted Coverage]

Amazing art made from Cut up books – [Cameltap]

One of the greatest mashups of all time – [Doubleviking]

The rankings that everyone’s been waiting for – [College OTR]

Wrapping up the Mets Collapse – [Hot Clicks]

Can this photo possibly get any hotter? – [Derober]

A human powered Ferris wheel – [Totally Crap]

Video of man crossing English Channel in a jetpack – [The Bachelor Guy]

10 Hottest Shower scenes in TV History – [Unibrow]

By FAR my favorite Oklahoma fan – [With Leather]

Scarlett Johansson officially off the market – [Asylum]

Elton Brand buys a Balboa house – [Sports By Brooks]

10 Things you didn’t know about presidential debates – [The Comedy Feed]

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Sep 29 2008

Jodi Gordon Leads the PM Portfolio

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Click on the photo to view more of Jodi

She’s 23.  She’s Australial.  She’s hot.  Anything else we really need to know?  Well, she started modeling at the age of 13 which means there’s gotta be at least one guy in jail right now.  Also, she’ll be appearing on Dancing with the Stars soon.  Yay!

Enjoy the rest of the Portfolio

Oktoberfrest Hilton Rinna Politician F COllege Cowboys Bingham

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Sep 29 2008

Shana Tova! Random Term Image Search: “Rosh Hashanah”

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Rosh Hashanah

Thanks guys!

Considering I’ve been cooking soup and making brisket all day I felt that it would only be natural of me to make a post that centers upon this lovely Jewish Holiday.  Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year.

And for most of us New York Jews, it’s a chance to go to take time off of work, go to temple and not pay attention, eat a big meal with family, and not really know what or why you are celebrating.  So have a ball.

For all you Orthodox folks out there, I’m not referring to you.  You guys take it seriously.  But for us reforms, bring out the feast, and Happy New Year!

Here’s the best I could find using the term “Rosh Hashanah”

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