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Aug 29 2008

The New Schedule For Injured Osi Umenyiora

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Well Giants fans, with the refusal of Michael Strahan and season ending injury to Osi Umenyiora (no pressure on you Mathias!) it may be a long season for us. And rather than getting down in the dumps, perhaps it’s time for us to make light of the situation.

Because there’s no question that Osi Umenyiora is going to have fun this offseason. Sure he’ll be rehabbing his knee, but what else is Osi going to be doing?

When he’s not appearing on the sidelines at games, here’s a look at Osi’s potential schedule.

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Aug 29 2008

Friday’s Funbag: French Rap Battle, Stolen Beer Kegs, and Shawn Johnson’s Parade

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I like Hilary Clinton but this is damned funny. Picture via Don Chavez

Now we all know Hilary Clinton is kind of sore she lost to Obama but this is a little extreme don’t you think? If this gets Obama less votes I’ll be kind of bummed. Actually she’s giving the finger to Bush and McCain.

The Funbag

Everything you can expect from a French Rap Battle – [Doubleviking]

Beer Kegs are being stolen left and right – [Asylum]

Shawn Johnson sports a red tank top and her medal – [Drunkenstepfather]

The celebrity beats the myspace chick which is totally fine because it’s Denise Milani – [Tastybooze]

What do Michelle Obama and the Grinch have in common? – [NFL Juice]

Minor League Fans are awarded with crap, literally – [The Sports Point]

Now this is a worthy cause: Help Choose the Raptors Dance Squad – [Cuzoogle]

The Pac-10 Cheerleader Showdown – [Nextround]

Is Deanna Pappas hotter than Kim Kardashian? – [Liquid Generation]

Check out how this kite surfer manages to make a jackass out himself – [Totally Crap]

Diddy is a victim of Big Oil – [Derober]

15 hottest former sorority girls – [College OTR]

Anyone up for some more sexy model contestants? – [The Bachelor Guy]

7 People Nobody ever says “Let me smell your fingers” to – [The Comedy Feed]

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Aug 28 2008

Christina Koletsa Leads the PM Portfolio

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Click on the photo to view more of Christina

Christina Koletsa is an aspiring young Greek Singer who got her break on a Greek television show called “Fame Story” which is a hybrid of Big Brother and American Idol. Her voice is decent but her bikini wearing skills are excellent.

Enjoy the rest of the portfolio

Underwood Gisele Simpson Ferrari Emma Danielle Carmen Landi

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Aug 28 2008

Whatever Happened To Arsenio Hall?

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Arsenio Hall Arsenio Hall

Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo! Remember that? Seriously, that might have been one of the most popular chants of all time. So what the hell ever happened to Arsenio Hall? I used to love this guy.

Who could forget him in Coming to America or his very popular talk show? Hall was awesome back then. I don’t know what’s changed but the last I heard or saw of him was back in 2004.

Hall made a cameo appearance as himself in Chappelle’s Show when Dave was imagining “what Arsenio is doing right now” in a dinner scene. It showed Hall at a wine party eating some cheese and saying, “Damn! That’s some good-ass cheese!” After which, Hall started punching and slapping people for not telling him about the apparently delicious cheese.

What’s he up to now? As of 2008, Hall is a guest co-host on Wednesday evenings on the Tim Conway Jr. radio show on 97.1 KLSX in Los Angeles.

That’s a long way from being Reverend Brown.

Arsenio Hall Arsenio Hall Arsenio Hall Arsenio Hall

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Aug 28 2008

Michael Strahan Turns Down Giants to Resume Role as Mike Tyson in Mike Tyson’s Punch Out

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Strahan Strahan

As most of you know, Michael Strahan, “The seven-time Pro Bowler decided to stay retired after seriously considering a request by the Super Bowl champion New York Giants to return to the team in the wake of a season-ending injury to fellow star defensive end Osi Umenyiora.”

Turns out that Strahan is actually returning to a different sport. After thinking long and hard about it, Strahan felt he needed to return to the world of boxing as Mike Tyson’s Nintendo Character.

“There was just too much work to be done” Strahan said. “That little Mac guy, he’s really pissing me off. Someone has to put an end to this. I mean what’s with his black wifebeater and green shorts? Plus I really gotta work on that boob flex thing that Macho Man does. It’s pretty bad ass.”

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Aug 28 2008

She’s Uncoachable: The Seemingly Shy Elin Grindemyr

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Elin Grindemyr

Elin Grindemyr is a model from Sweden. In May 2005, Elin was voted as the sexiest woman in Sweden by the readers of the Swedish magazine Slitz. For the record she’s in a magazine called Slitz. No clue what it means but who cares. My favorite part of her bio?

While there is interest in Grindemyr from her fan base, Grindemyr had previously contacted the webmasters of some of her fan sites, asking them to remove her pictures. The reason given apparently stems from privacy issues.

So she’s a model who can easily be argued as one of the hottest I’ve had up here in the last month. She also gets paid to be seen. She gets paid to be in pictures. There are also pictures of her tonguing down another chick in her Myspace Profile, and yet she doesn’t want her pictures up on websites?

Well here are some pictures of her on my website

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Aug 28 2008

The Myspace Toolbox: Dave G is Moookn!

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David G

He’s not conceited, he’s convinced. At least that what David G would like us to think. Well here’s something I’m convinced of. I’m convinced that the more I look at chumps like this, the dumber I actually become.

I can feel myself desiring to say thing like “ya feel me?” or “hit me up yo.” And not using those words in a making fun of kind of way. I feel like actually using them on the phone.

And then I see pictures where guys like David are wearing yellow, aqua, and pink shirts that remind me that I’m human and that language like this isn’t really of my species.

David G! Does anyone know what mooookn is? Neither do I.

David G David G David G David G

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Aug 28 2008

Songs that are Kind of Embarrassing but Great: “Good Thing,” Fine Young Cannibals

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Put it this way, if you’re blasting this song out loud and five of your football buddies come walking into your apartment, that’s grounds for a dismissal.

But damnet if I don’t want to shimmy my way into the kitchen and cook some breakfast after hearing this song. Try this one out. Plan a day to clean your apartment or house. As you start cleaning, turn on this song.

I dare you not to wiggle your ass as it’s playing It’s damned near impossible. Man was Fine Young Cannibals a flaming band huh? Two great songs came out of them though. Nice work fellas.

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Aug 28 2008

Tailgating Nation: Seven Great Reasons to Watch University of Florida Gators Football This Year

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Florida Tailgate

It’s almost time for Gators Football ladies and gentlemen. Plenty of sub plots to be going on this year: Will Tebow win the Heisman again? Can this team be the fastest team in the nation as Urban Meyer hopes?

Or should we think of other things like “How hot is the cheerleading squad this year?” and “Which players have a shot at the NFL?”

Whatever your thought is, and however you may wish to interpret this team, here are seven sure fire reasons to keep track of the Gators this year.

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Aug 28 2008

Thursday’s Twelve: Great Referee Attacks, Holly Willoughby’s Sweet Tooth, and Myspace vs. Celebrity

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Check out the rest of the attacks

Man, the poor guy is just doing his job. Eh. Sometimes they deserve a good kick now and then you know? Pretty sure they should whip every NBA ref at halftime.

The Twelve

Holly Willoughby likes ice cream – [Busted Coverage]

The Myspace vs. Celebrity Hottie showdown – [Tastybooze]

Here’s how to end your vacation in style – [Totally Crap]

Not exactly the place for an exercise ball to land – [COED Magazine]

These guys are watching much more than just a golf swing – [Bright Black Internet]

Doutzen Kroes is the newest Victoria’s Secret gem – [Nextround]

Amazing car crashes people walked away from – [Asylum]

I’m sorry, there’s no way Chelsea Clinton is hot – [College OTR]

Toni Braxton joins the upskirt club – [Celebridiot]

Here’s how to turn 5 bucks into 500 – [The Bachelor Guy]

Some things Strahan will be doing instead of football – [The World of Isaac]

The Detroit Lions will never be good – [Epic Carnival]

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