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Aug 28 2008

Whatever Happened To Arsenio Hall?

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Arsenio Hall Arsenio Hall

Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo! Remember that? Seriously, that might have been one of the most popular chants of all time. So what the hell ever happened to Arsenio Hall? I used to love this guy.

Who could forget him in Coming to America or his very popular talk show? Hall was awesome back then. I don’t know what’s changed but the last I heard or saw of him was back in 2004.

Hall made a cameo appearance as himself in Chappelle’s Show when Dave was imagining “what Arsenio is doing right now” in a dinner scene. It showed Hall at a wine party eating some cheese and saying, “Damn! That’s some good-ass cheese!” After which, Hall started punching and slapping people for not telling him about the apparently delicious cheese.

What’s he up to now? As of 2008, Hall is a guest co-host on Wednesday evenings on the Tim Conway Jr. radio show on 97.1 KLSX in Los Angeles.

That’s a long way from being Reverend Brown.

Arsenio Hall Arsenio Hall Arsenio Hall Arsenio Hall

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  • Cindy

    He was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on August 29, 2008, one day after you posted this with info you ripped straight off of Wikipedia. He looked like the same ol’ Arsenio, perhaps less stressed.

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  • Ric

    I remember the night he crucified himself with Farachan (the head of Islam) on his show. Arsenio blew of all of the other planned guests and kept Farachan on for the whole show. In the last segment he and Farachan agreed that the Jews improperly owned the entertainment industry. ( can we say stupid to say even if it were true)

    Farachan also blasted all of the whites in the usa and Arsenio did not disagree with him.

    I went and got my wife and said “You are seeing Arsenio for the last time as a host on American television tonight”

    One week later he was gone !



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