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Aug 28 2008

The Myspace Toolbox: Dave G is Moookn!

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David G

He’s not conceited, he’s convinced. At least that what David G would like us to think. Well here’s something I’m convinced of. I’m convinced that the more I look at chumps like this, the dumber I actually become.

I can feel myself desiring to say thing like “ya feel me?” or “hit me up yo.” And not using those words in a making fun of kind of way. I feel like actually using them on the phone.

And then I see pictures where guys like David are wearing yellow, aqua, and pink shirts that remind me that I’m human and that language like this isn’t really of my species.

David G! Does anyone know what mooookn is? Neither do I.

David G David G David G David G

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2 responses so far

  • http://oppositionist.blogspot.com BSC

    The oversized hat and the popped collar are this generation’s leisure suit. I hope this dude doesn’t reproduce, but if he does we can all take solace that his children will bust his balls for years to come about his shitty style.

  • kara

    hahaha mookn means hes fucked up off them x pillz



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