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Aug 25 2008

Are you Ready for Some Fantasy Football? 5 Reasons Why I like It

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Fantasy Football

Obviously tons of questions are swirling around the NFL this year. And there’s going to be some great themes to pay attention to. What are the Patriots going to do? How’s Favre going to help the Jets? Can the Giants perform again?

And while these questions will keep fans busy throughout the 16 regular season games, (and possibly beyond) one of the biggest questions prior to the start of the season will be: Who the hell am I going to pick in my Fantasy Draft?

This article isn’t about strategy. You can read 100 articles about strategy. This article is about why it’s great to have Fantasy Football around the corner.

Here are five short reasons

1. Fantasy Football is the ultimate break from Fantasy Baseball

Fantasy Football

Those of you who are in Fantasy Baseball leagues can understand me on this one. Fantasy baseball is NOT fun. It is 100% work. It’s real managing. It’s watching the waiver wire like a hawk and setting lineups every single day. I repeat. Fantasy baseball is not fun. Football? Lineups once a week, sit around watch the games with your friends and you’re done.

2. It’s 99.9% Luck

Fantasy Football

Some people don’t like the luck factor. And clearly I hate it when the luck isn’t in my favor. However coming after baseball I welcome the luck factor. You do the best you can on draft day, hope your guys don’t get injured and again, you’re done. In Football you can just relax and enjoy the games.

3. Great excuse to do nothing and watch Football on a Sunday

Fantasy Football

Football is an excuse in itself to sit on your ass and do nothing on a Sunday. But when you have your boys playing out there, it’s a great extra push to tell your girlfriend that you won’t be going to IKEA that day. “Look honey, LDT is going against the worst rush defense in the league today. There’s no chance I miss this.”

Fantasy Football

Don’t worry I’m not a Pats fan

4. The Head to Head Format

I used to hate this format because again, it’s all about luck. But you know something? I totally welcome it this year. It allows for trash talk and it also allows for lesser teams to have a shot at the playoffs. Any given Sunday boys. Any given Sunday.

5. Memorabilia

I couldn’t think of a 5th reason so this is limited to the Yahoo! guys. Put it this way, my buddy Nick has his Yahoo! Plaque hanging up in the bathroom and I’m very jealous of it. Screw the T-shirt. I’m going for the Trophy this season

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