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Aug 22 2008

When the Unexpected is Seen, These Pictures Become a Whole Lot Better

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Background Funnies

Some of these are classics and some of them you may have never seen before. Many times when we take pictures they wind up becoming something that was never intended. But that something could wind up being a memorable piece of classic comedy.

Whether it’s a white guy in the background with a bunch of black dudes, or some fat guy in a speedo strolling down the beach while a bunch of hot bikini girls are in a photo shoot, there’s no question that these pictures were made better by their supporting casts.

Background Funnies

This is one of the few pictures where I actually looked at the guy first. I dig the brunette on the bottom left center.

Background Funnies

That guy rules.

Background Funnies

Another “Father of the Year Award” picture

Background Funnies

That couldn’t be a better face for the exact thought I’d be having after seeing these two. It’s kind of a “dude, give me a break.”

Background Funnies

How about some notice? And what’s that little pink thing on the floor?

Background Funnies

That kid’s definitely got the right idea.

Background Funnies

This might actually be funnier if all these guys were white and the guy in the background was black.

Background Funnies

Childish but I love it anyway.

Background Funnies

Till death do us part huh?

Background Funnies

I gotta say I wasn’t a huge Zack Braff fan until this picture.

Background Funnies

I’ve never seen a penis head as prominent than in this picture. Wow.

Background Funnies

That red haired kid could be my favorite kid in the world.

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15 responses so far

  • Katie

    That red haired kid is actually a cabbage patch doll. Well, maybe an evil cabbage patch doll.

  • xznofile

    where do you learn to become inflatable?

  • http://mindset.tumblr.com mindset.

    I want to scream “PHOTOSHOPPED!!!” for the guy in the second-last picture but I can’t even be sure. Just kidding, I’m not the type to do that, really. REALLY. What?! Seriously.

    …But it would suck a lot to have such a shocking resemblance to Humpty Dumpty.

    (Sorry for the double post, last one had wrong website)

  • John S

    Wow, that last pic is legendary lulz

  • Martikos

    I love how Chucky’s Revenge has the same look on his face as ole girl…. quality. I am sure he is a 82 lb model right now… or, maybe he is Carrot Top.

  • Another Ginger

    If you look at the ginger kid, you can definitely see an arm and the beginnings of another ginger head behind the starlette.

    There’s two of them!!! Dear god run!!

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  • a guy from paris

    incroyable ces photos!! ce petit rouquin derriere la belle fille est totalement irreel!!…bravo

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  • http://mattb4rd.com/eloi mattb4rd

    Funny stuff. #6 still has me wigged out. Very conservative looking couple in a full-on freak mode dirty girl bedroom.

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  • Poop

    this reminds of that time I TOOK A HUGE SPILL!!!

  • http://www.hateyourprofessor.com hateyourprofessor

    HAhaha that fat head kid is FREAKY looking!

  • chiaa

    the pink thing on the floor is a hair dryer.

    perv :)

  • alan

    That dud in the second to last picture looks like a thumb.



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