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Aug 21 2008

Seinfeld Isn’t Just on TV: It’s Everywhere

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Seinfeld Mainstream

Oddly enough I was doing a search for Keith Hernandez on Flickr when I came across the best piece of graffiti I’ve seen in at least a year, possibly ever.  And that got me thinking.  How else has Seinfeld impacted the lives of people around the world?

Amazingly enough, in more ways than you can probably imagine.  Here are 7 great examples of Seinfeld making it’s way into the mainstream.

Seinfeld Mainstream

I find it funny that someone breaking the law would say to themselves, “you know what?  I’m just gonna slap a Seinfeld quote in there.”

Seinfeld Mainstream

This person must have been pissed given that it was carved right into the wood.

Seinfeld Mainstream

“How could anyone not like that?”

Seinfeld Mainstream

“And you want to be my latex salesman.”

Seinfeld Mainstream

“If it’s anyone it’s me.  Alright it’s your.  You’re damned right it’s me.”

Seinfeld Mainstream

Everybody deserves their own giant block of cheese.

Seinfeld Mainstream

And there you have it.

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