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Aug 20 2008

The Myspace Toolbox: AYO Mikey

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AYO Mikey

I can write a 6 page article on why this guy is a total buttnut simply based on his title. AYO Mikey? And you’re from Westchester? Would a real ay oh, oh ay guy write that? No.
Would a real “hard” cat from the homeland in Italy write that? No. Would someone who makes a living by killing other people advertise their name that way? No. Would a half decent human being ever say this? No.

Is there any possible way that I can ever get it in my heart to respect or cherish a moment with this guy? Yes. That moment would be me shoeing him in the pants with a huge paddle.

AYO Mikey! Shut up dude.

AYO Mikey AYO Mikey AYO Mikey AYO Mikey

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3 responses so far

  • http://thebonanza.blogspot.com conroy

    He looks like a complete homosexual advertising himself for brutal no holds barred gay sex. I have no problem with homosexuals, but you can pretty much be sure it’s the one thing he would not want to look like.

  • deadasdisco

    wow. the best part about it is how he thinks he’s such a “baller” and he drives a fucking 15 year old honda civic. check out his pics.

  • r

    and he has a high school diploma on the wall!



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