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Aug 19 2008

The Myspace Toolbox: Abercrombie Jack Cackkkk Dave

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Jack Cack

iight ill start off by sayingg..this is my new myspacee …im dave…iim french and israeli… im cockyyyyy and i hope every1 loves itt cuz i do..if ur not pretty dont message me plzzz…to all u ppl who LOVE to talk shytttt …hahaha keep doinggg ittt…ur not gunna put me down cuz i can really give a f*ck..u wanna stay saying i have a disease ..that i wear makeup or all this bullshyt u say about me..it really doesnt effect my game wat so ever ..soo i hope all u GIRLs..GUyss kEEp flapPin ur mouthh…btw yoo all u herbs callig my cell blocked numberr

So there’s no reason to make fun of him huh….

Jack Cack Jack Cack Jack Cack Jack Cack

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14 responses so far

  • Jana

    Oh hiii! He has himselfff a new Myspaceee ehhh? If heee wantsss to gettt mad about peopleee saying heee wearsss makeuppp. Maybeee he shoulddd stop wearinggg ittt?

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  • Ethan

    this is probably one of the best ones yet. HEY BUDDY you gotta fuck to get a std

  • quistopolis

    His hands and face aren’t even the same shade of “OMG, you *paid* for that?!” orange.

  • http://www.nicksremovals.co.uk Nick van man

    go on holiday, that sun kissed look all year round, sunbed use is bad for achieving your golden glow.

  • jackie

    u ppl really need to stop and get a life. u are all just jealous of these kids because you wish you looked like them. and yea he does fuck. more girls then you ever will in your 20 lifetimes u fuckin lowlifes. u should be out getting laid instead of making websites about people you envy. i can tell you one thing, the person behind this is a fat ugly pale lil jewish guy that never gets pussy and bashes other people just to bring up his own self-esteem.

  • Natty

    Hahaha, have you seen my picture? You can only hope that I’m ugly. Sorry sweety.

  • jackie

    no? where the hell is your picture? ur probly too embarassed to show it

  • Natty

    If you’re not a moron you can figure it out.

  • jackie

    wow u are one ugly fuck id never lay a finger on u i knew i was right

  • Natty

    Hahaha. Great detective work. And thanks!

  • jackie

    maybe one day if u stopped looking like a creep and looked more like some of these boys, ud have a chance with me.

  • odel

    well, stupid as stupid does. i hope this guy got busted while he’s gettin it on with his pet racoon. poor pet racoon.

  • Jim

    what a bunch of posers these guys and their girls are.I wouldn’t be caught dead with losers like them.
    And I bet fucking Jackie would be like throwing a hot dog down a hall way.I wonder if these posers fake tan their cocks as well.making Jackie’s “junk” all bright orange,like some sort of a hazard sign.



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