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Aug 18 2008

This is What Toy Companies Deem “Appropriate” for Children

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Phallic Toys

Check out where the water goes.

Either the manufacturers who made these toys are laughing their asses off, or not a single one of them has had a sexual experience in their entire lives.

And either the parents who bought these toys are using these toys as potential youtube material or they want their kids to grow up to become sexual deviants.

Whatever the case, I don’t know how these toys made it into the market let alone wound up in the hands of children

Phallic Toys

Come on! What in the world is going on here? This is a legitimate stuffed animal? As you can see these aren’t just parts put on as a gag, this is a real toy.

Phallic Toys

Part of a Burger King Happy Meal

Phallic Toys

Those Sponge Bob people sure do have a sense of humor. Is that the twig or the berries?

Phallic Toys

I’m not sure I’ll ever look at a carrot the same way again, or a rabbit for that matter.

Phallic Toys

These are the famous “Aquapets” that came out 2 years ago. A famous “Dora the Explorer” invention. Yeah that’s not too penis-like.

Phallic Toys

Come on Potter!

Phallic Toys

That’d be more of Dora the Explorer. Hell of a little stick she’s got there. What are these people thinking?

Phallic Toys

Those crazy Asians. Nice “head.”

Phallic Toys

That frog is seriously in for it. This is some weird Egg toy. I don’t know what the hell is going on there.

Phallic Toys

I wonder how Christopher Robin would enjoy that piece.

Phallic Toys

Kids are actually supposed to sit on that thing and wrap their arms around the rod.

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