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Aug 18 2008

The Myspace Toolbox: Johnnyy (Yes that’s How he Spells it)

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I’m gonna go on record in saying that I actually felt bad for this guy for around 16 seconds. There’s no denying he’s one goofy looking dude. Almost to the extent where you’d think he might have a mental defect or physical abnormality.

However, once I saw the “Don’t ask me my name you stupid bitch, I’m famous” any inkling of remorse was tossed out the window. Johnny? You’re a tool. You’re an absolute tool. Your hair is a tool.

Your shirts are made my tools. Everything about you screams tool and if I saw you I’d take the nearest tool and smash up all the toolish things I saw on you.

Go run into a wall or something.

Johnnyy Johnnyy Johnnyy Johnnyy

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