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Aug 15 2008

A Collection of 10 Pictures with Guys I’d Like to Beat Up

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Beat Up

Man I’m gonna have fun with this article

You might remember this segment formally known as “I really don’t like the look on this guy’s face.” I’ve decided to change the title to something a little more honest. I mean let’s face it. As much as I don’t like their faces, what I really want to do is stomp those faces into the ground.

So with captions attached. Enjoy this collection of guys I’d like to be “out of the way.”

Beat Up

Thought I’d start us off with a couple of aspiring rappers here. The words “white trash” just doesn’t do any justice does it… More like Borophyll

Beat Up

Hmm. I wonder which Orange guy we’re talking about here. I hate that the girl in yellow is kind of hot.

Beat Up

“Yo bro! I had the phattest with a PH time there man. All these chicks man. They were on my dick yo! It was so easy yo! You gotta come man. You gotta be there next time yo!”

Beat Up

My guess is that the guy on the right has a tiny penis. In fact I don’t think it’s a guess, it’s a fact.

Beat Up

“Oompa Loompa doompa dee doo! I’ve got a douchebag to beat up for you!”

Beat Up

Is that Pauly Shore?

Beat Up

“Yo bro. Yo. Those bitches ain’t worth talking to man.” These are the guys that think walking around the club and not talking to anyone will get them laid.

Beat Up

I actually don’t mind these guys. Wanted to take a break and show some hot chicks.

Beat Up

This is the kind of guy that makes really weird noises and stares at himself in the mirror when he’s having sex. That and he probably smells horrible.

Beat Up

I’m too busy laughing right now to write anything that’s even close to as funny as a Unicorn shirt and Superman belt buckle.

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