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Aug 14 2008

Uncoached Moments: Rocky Vs. Thunderlips in Rocky III

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Remember how awesome this was? This is during the time when Stallone and Hogan were breaking out to the big time. The year was 1982. Hogan was still a bad guy in pro wrestling, 2 years removed from taking on Iron Sheik to start the most historical wrestling career ever.

Where was Stallone? Only becoming one of the hottest action stars on the planet. Between Rocky and Rambo, it was tough to top Sylvester. Plus, they both looked kind of normal then.

Fast forward 26 years later and you now have Stallone with more veins in his body than a 90 year old woman’s spider veined thighs playing John Rambo at 60, and Hogan rubbing oil up his daughter’s crack. Man how they fall.

“In the flesh baby!”

Stallone Hogan

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