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Aug 13 2008

We Need to Start a Little Alicia Sacramone Fan Club

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Alicia Sacramone

Granted Alicia Sacramone already has her own fan site, I don’t care. We need some males over the age of 18 to step up and say, “damned right she’s hot!” Because honestly I have no clue who’s a member of her fan club site, but I’m assuming it’s not beer bellied guys watching the tube all day….and it needs to be.

Why? Because first of all Sacramone is hot. She’s got a pretty face and possesses another womanly feature that most gymnasts do not: A “developed” upper body. Second of all, she’s of age. With Gymnastics? That in itself is a rarity these days. Plus she packs a mean punch.

Third? She takes tongue out pictures, is the leader of her team, and you can tell that she parties. What’s not to love? I hope I get to watch Sacramone some more in the next week.

Plus she’s 5’1 so it’s not that bad.


Alicia Sacramone Alicia Sacramone Alicia Sacramone Alicia Sacramone Alicia Sacramone Alicia Sacramone Alicia Sacramone Alicia Sacramone

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  • Dan

    I’m glad you had this post up this morning, sad to say i was watching some of the gymnastics last night and she caught my eye, shes gorgeous!

  • http://uncoaced.com Beer Bong

    yeah she is hot

  • John

    You need to get a slow-mo video of her on the vault last night. The way her juggies were bouncing as she ran down the runway was spectacular!

  • CornBanker

    I whole heartedly agree with you. I also would like to point out that another gymnast for USA was pretty hot. Nastia and I am not sure of her last name without looking it up. Perhaps she is only attractive to me because with a name like Nastia, you expect something else. If you get the club started, consider me a member.

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  • Pat

    Am I the only guy turned off by her NFL linebacker sized neck?

  • Pjayroza

    If this is a fan club for Alicia Sacromone count me in. She is so hot! I wasn’t interested in gymnastics, until i saw this chick!

  • Mr G

    And she’s smart, too. She goes to Brown!

  • C

    If only she didn’t tank on her gymnastic routines.

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  • CornBanker


    The neck was the first thing I noticed (due to a close up of her head on NBC), however, since I am a guy, my focus quickly shifted to her breasts, a few seconds later I had forgotten she had a neck.

  • Trey

    She looks like Kristin from Laguna Beach.

  • gordo

    i love her and want to be on her

  • P

    that last pic, wow…that would be one hell of a position


    From the first second I saw her, I fell in love. I am really in love with her. She is the most beautiful women I have ever seen. What eyes. What a body. I can not stop thinking about her. She is magnificant.

  • http://myspace.com d man

    man angilica is the hotest girl everrrrr

  • http://myspace.com manny

    i gotta agree with this completely!!! she is a full blown hottie! she makes me forget that she messed up the team for gold. her boobs alone should of won gold since their is no jugs in gymnastics. email me when the fan club is up cause duh duh damn she hot!

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  • http://www.myspace.com/raulskateboards raul velazquez

    yeah of curse she is hot, i hope someday meet her, sassy is the best.

    alish, only simple beautiful girl.


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