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Aug 13 2008

The Myspace Toolbox: Tony C, BeEeKaAy Baby!

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Tony C

I guess that means Brooklyn. And I’m sure the fine residents of Brooklyn would love to know this kind of grammar is being used to describe their city. That and be associated with a guy this douchilicious.

Is this guy real? Seriously is he? I keep thinking he’s straight out of some kind of comic book as the loser kid who gets beat up. Oh my bad, there is no comic book like that. This must have been him growing up.

Come on man. These tough pictures with your nipple exposed and a giant cross aren’t going to make you any “harder.”

God I hate this guy

Tony C Tony C Tony C

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One response so far

  • c breezy fo sheezy

    i live around the corner from this faggot n i will wolf his sister any day of the week… to bad he thinks he has a vagina as well.. if i ever see this kid again in my life i will drag him down the street from the back of my hummer n light his remains on fire wit kerosine n piss his guido ass out..



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