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Aug 13 2008

7 Movie Quotes that Have Made it Into Mainstream Conversation

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Movie Quotes

Movies can have a profound effect on people, but one of the best bi-products of watching a great movie is when the script sticks with you. It usually happens more with comedies, but sometimes dramatic and action-oriented flicks elicit the lasting effects of the script as well.

To my knowledge there aren’t too many lines that people actually use in everyday conversation, but here are 7 that I think are pretty common.

Keep in mind: It’s one thing to quote Billy Madison and say “Stop looking at me Swan!” as a goof. It’s another to actually use that line day after day.

These lines are actually used in everyday conversation.

“Niiine Times” – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Movie Quotes

Honestly, after having seen Ferris Bueller’s Day off and hearing the phrase “nine times,” have you ever not thought of that movie? And any time you actually say “nine times” do you not say “niiiiine times?” It’s pretty tough not to.

“Money” – Swingers

Movie Quotes

This is probably the biggest of the list by far. “Money” was transformed from a noun to an adjective after this movie. We’ve seen it used in other movies, among young and old, and just about anywhere to describe something that is “awesome.”

“Cinderella Boy” – Caddyshack

Movie Quotes

I think you can pick a ton of lines from this movie but I have to be honest, I don’t hear too many uttered more than this one. You could argue for “so I got that going for me…which is nice” or “It’s easy to grin…..” but “cinderella boy” takes the cake in my opinion.

“Say Hello to my little friend” – Scarface

Movie Quotes

Use it for action, guns, hell even to name your penis. This line is extremely mainstream and used quite often to relay something of a large magnitude that one wants to show off.

“Show me the Money” – Jerry Maguire

Movie Quotes

Thank god the term “quan” didn’t make it into the mainstream. Boy that was lame. “Show me the money” is pretty good though.

“Heyyyyy you Guys!” – Goonies

Movie Quotes

Classic Sloth right there. I think every college kid in America has used this line assuming they’ve seen the movie.

“Yeah” (I’m gonna need you to go ahead and come in on a Saturday) - Office Space

Movie Quotes

The classic Bill Lumbergh line from “Office Space” is now a staple in office life. Every time people get aggravated or want to make fun of their crappy office situation you might catch them saying “yeahhhh, if you could just, yeahhhh”

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