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Aug 07 2008

The People Who Really Piss Me Off At the Gym

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Now I’m no gym rat by any means. I’m on the verge of 30 and I know that I simply need to go the gym more so than I used to. It sucks and I don’t like it, but I know it’s just something that’s gotta be done.

And I remember the days of my youth when I used to go to the gym. I remember how it was exciting, competitive and pretty much a social thing.  But one thing I never was at the gym, was an annoying person.

I consider myself to have gym etiquette and I know when I’m not able to do something correctly.  I know when to ask for help and I know to put in the effort. Otherwise, why the hell am I there? Considering I can’t stand going now, I might as well make the most of my time spent at the gym.

In general I just stick to myself while at the gym and try not to let things bother me, but over the years I’ve seen some really annoying people who piss me off. I’m sure you’ve seen them too.

And here they are:

Cell Phone Talkers


Are you serious? Really? Get the f*ck off the phone man. Are we impressed that you have friends? Is that the cool thing to do? Go to the gym and NOT workout? Rule. Only have a cell phone if you are a doctor or are expecting an emergency. If you ever make an outbound call on a cell phone at the gym, you’re an automatic tool.

Guys Who Have No Business Screaming Loud


There are always your body builders at the gym. It’s that one guy who is simply a beast. He’s twice the size of everyone else and he usually screams when pumping iron. This is fine. This is acceptable. And this is that man’s job. But normal guys like me? I saw a guy putting up 145 the other day and he was screaming as if he just lifted a house. Dude, shut up and lift the weight. We don’t need to hear you at all.

The Guys Who Wear Jeans


These are the only people who should be allowed to wear Jeans in the gym

Do I even need to explain this?

Overweight People who Casually Stroll on the Treadmill


With all due respect if that’s her trainer…. Come on! The trainer is pudgy. This is why America is obese.

This applies more to women. Why? Because women complain more about their weight. The other day I saw two girls who couldn’t have been older than 25. Both were on treadmills. Both were talking to each other and were on their cell phones at the same time. And both were on 2MPH setting. Are you kidding me? And these are the same girls who bitch that they’re getting fat when they just ate 6 Chicken fingers with fries. I’m sorry but I have no sympathy and that is 100% unacceptable. Get your ass moving ladies. It’s one thing to walk fast and know your limits. I’m all for gradually increasing intensity. But when it’s pretty clear that these people are dogging it, it pisses me off.

People with horrible form so they lift more weight than they should


Man this couldn’t be more annoying if it tried.  The other day I saw some guy had 225 on the bench press. I swear to God he went down about half an inch. Dude, it’s not high school, you’re not trying to impress your buddies.  Just put less weight on and lift it right you jackass.

People who give you unsolicited advice


These are the only people I’d listen to.

Ever have people just walk up to you and tell you what to do? If I needed your help I would have asked. And I wouldn’t have asked you dipsh*t, that’s what trainers are for.

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  • Jim_Ed

    Totally agree. Been following the site for awhile, keep it up.

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  • Rob

    I have one word of advice for you: IPOD.

    The idiots at the gym are alot more bearable when they are drowned out by the sound of your personal soundtrack. Usually makes for a more motivated workout as well!!

  • roo

    you forgot the competitors.

    the ones that run next to you and try to keep up with you an change thier routine everytime you change yours.

    but lol on the leisurely lady one. SO TRUE.

  • dylan

    dude i agree so much on the last one, when i even have my ipod in this indian guy is teilling me what to do and i did a 6 rep exercise and he told me i was olympic lifting and i should do high reps when he was doing 10s and 15s(not rep actually weight) he told me no need to bulk up, but hell, thats my chocie. right or wrong he was annoying me and i didnt ask for his help. then he tlaks to me when i have my ipod and cant hear and while im lifitng

  • jt

    Folks who use the locker rooms/showers to trim toenails, dead skin, etc.

  • ben

    Let us not forget the guys who grab the dumbells and stand right in front of the rack, blocking other people’s access. Also, the guys who do poses in the middle of the gym. Really? I like the guys who try to sneak a peek at their abs by wiping their brows or, even better, mouths with their shirts. Wiping your mouth? This is not an eatery. Why do you need to wipe your mouth, jackass? Finally, there are the guys who retreat to the locker room in between sets to admire and flex, often without shirts.

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