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Aug 07 2008

The Myspace Toolbox: The Jewish DJ Dave Cue

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Jewish Dave

Watch out for spelling and punctuation Mr. Dave Cue. Wow.

yo yo wadd up wad up…..my name is dave aka dj dave cue…..i no most people know me and talk shyt about me because there all haters….i am a dj and i am a resident in many parties that clubhardnyc runs thats the main part…. I want a very nice and sweat girl who knows how to treat a boy right….many girls say they do but there just a waste of my time

For the record I’m Jewish and may I say this: This Dave Cue guy is about the worst possible representation of the entire Jewish male population. Today, I’m 100% ashamed to be a Jew.

Thanks David

Jewish Dave Jewish Dave Jewish Dave Jewish Dave

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6 responses so far

  • alexxa

    ewwwwww this kid is gross

  • Amber M

    This Jackoff must have been an English major in community college. effing loser

  • Jana

    I saw this picture and said “Wow” then scrolled down and saw you had the exact same reaction.

  • Ryan

    Cool, he must live in his mom’s attic.

  • Alex

    Like Ryan said, I also think in his mother’s attic. Look at the picture of him in the background. That’s how a tool looks like when 12 years old.

  • Steve -o

    He’s looking for a sweat girl… aren’t we all, buddy…oh, sweet girl



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