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Aug 06 2008

The Rankings Report: Top Ten Hottest Females in Movies Based on Comics

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Since so much attention has been paid to Comic Con over the last few weeks, I know that geek radar is on full alert for the unusual sex kitten. And in that spirit, I felt it was my duty to compile a list of actresses that made these comic movies just a little bit “sexier” by their presence.

Enjoy these ten actresses who were in movies based on comics. (The list is in reverse order, 10 to 1)

10. Helen Slater – Supergirl

Hot Chick Comic Movie

I’m sure there will be a remake of this in the next few years but let us not forget the original movie Supergirl, Helen Slater. God what a terrible movie.

9. Lena Headley – 300

Hot Chick Comic Movie

Yes, 300 was based on a comic, and Lena Headley couldn’t have been a better pick to play Queen Gorgo.

8. Kate Bosworth – Superman Returns

Hot Chick Comic Movie

I hate to use the word “hottest” when describing Bosworth as Lois Lane, because she’s more beautiful than hot. Then again, I’d marry her in a second if she asked.

7. Eva Mendes – Ghost Rider

Hot Chick Comic Movie

Playing Roxanne Simpson must have been a real joy. This movie was not good. Nevertheless, it’s still Eva Mendes.

6. Jessica Biel – Blade: Trinity

Hot Chick Comic Movie

This is right around when Biel started to become quite buff. I’ll take it.

5. Halle Barry – X Men or Catwoman

Hot Chick Comic Movie

Whether it’s Storm or Catwoman, it’s Halle Barry, period. You really can’t go wrong with anything Barry is in. Does she ever look bad? Catwoman is a poor excuse due to the fact that it was loosely based on a DC comic, but so what? We still have X-Men.

4. Angelina Jolie – Wanted

Hot Chick Comic Movie

I’m not going to lie. This was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen in my entire life. However, Jolie as Fox was the only thing that made this movie even remotely watchable. What an ass.

3. Kim Basinger – Batman

Hot Chick Comic Movie

Vicky Vale! Man I loved Basinger in Tim Burton’s Batman. Such a hottie.

2. Rebecca Romijn Stamos – X Men

Hot Chick Comic Movie

She might have been blue and another species, but you can’t deny that Mystique was definitely doable. Stamos was also in The Punisher.

1. Jessica Alba – Sin City or Fantastic Four

Hot Chick Comic Movie

Alba is usually number one on most hot girl lists, so why should this one be any different? Have you guys seen Sin City? Did you see her on the dance pole as a go go dancer? Enough said. It’s not even close.

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