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Aug 06 2008

Let’s Face it: If Every Single Emo Lined up To Get Slapped in the Face, I’d be the First to Sign Up

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Man does this piss me off

Let’s start this off right. I’m no racist. I’m generally open to all races, creeds, sexual orientations, etc etc. But may I interrupt myself for a moment? You gotta draw the line somewhere do you not? Everyone has an acceptable tolerance level in their lives but at some point, you just have to say no. And folks? I’ve had it with EMO’s.

First it was Goth, and that’s scary enough. Really pale people with dark hair who are just angry they don’t fit it, so they listen to loud music and pierce themselves obsessively? Do you really need that much black in your life? Still though, Goth is hardcore. And Goth has lots of hot chicks who look sexy. And Goth can even be construed as badass in the right circumstances.

At least back when there was Punk, it was a fun generation. It was rowdy, yes, but it was colorful. You had bright colors and weird people that partied all the time. That’s fine. At least they were happy.

EMO’s, or whatever the hell your called. What the hell is this? Their lives are based around being unhappy and rebelling against what? Society?


I’m officially declaring EMO’s a race and I’m officially admitting that I am finally racist against one race: The EMO race. This race has no purpose but to annoy the rest of us. Seriously, what is their purpose? Goths are scary, fine. That’s their purpose, to freak us out. Punks party. EMOs? They just sit there and look weird. What a bunch of slapdicks.


And you know what bothers me more? That there are actually hot chicks in this race. Unacceptable.


Ever see an EMO in a regular work uniform like at a fast food place or department store? Yeah, you blend. Put it this way. No matter what I write won’t matter. Pictures don’t lie. Look at these and tell me that you want these people around you.

These people actually get dressed and think “damn I look good?”

Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo

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