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Aug 05 2008

The Rankings Report: The 6 Hottest Women You Would Have Not Realized were in Saved by the Bell

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In a land far far away and in a blog long forgotten, I used to be a pretty damned good ranker. I was author of a website called “Best Rankings.” And as original as that title was, I too came up with some pretty fun stuff to rank.

In the spirit of this, and not to get too “top tensy” on everyone, I decided that once a week, maybe more, I will pick something to rank or list. Personally I’d love for you, the readers, to decide.  However, until I get that damned email I’m going to have to pick some things myself.

So why not start off with a bang? It’s alllllright because I’m Saved by the bell!!!! Bet you never would have realized these chicks were in this show…

Cynthia – Denise Richards

Saved by the Bell

Cynthia was Slater’s secret admirer while he worked at the Malibu Sands Beach Resort, eventually revealing herself by pretending to drown. It’s a shame because we didn’t really get to see enough of Richards.

No worries though. She was also Russ Dowripple’s sexy daughter on Seinfeld.

Heather Brooks – Christine Taylor

Saved by the Bell

Heather was a brief love interest of Zach’s in the “S.A.T.” episode. Zach sat behind her while taking the test and invited her over to study when she showed interest in him after he scored 1502 on his S.A.T.’s.

Zach was sh*t out of luck however, as she had a boyfriend in that episode.

Ginger – Bridgette Wilson Sampras

Saved by the Bell

Ginger was an airheaded blonde who appeared in the later episodes. You don’t really know much about her other than her being dumb. Fine. Whatever, it’s still Bridgette though.

Nurse Jennifer – Nancy Valen

Saved by the Bell

Valen played a school nurse that showed up during sophomore year to replace Nurse “Blind-as-a-bat” Butcher. Zack decided to scrap his plans for a steady relationship with Kelly in order to pursue a romance with Jennifer.

I actually liked this episode because Valen got kind of sexy in it. That and she’s a female.

Robin – Soleil Moon Frye

Saved by the Bell

Robin was a stuck-up girl from the episode “Screech’s Spaghetti Sauce.” She took advantage of Screech’s affections toward her because of his rapidly growing spaghetti sauce business in order to con money and gifts from him.

P.S. this was before her breast reduction surgery marking this the finest performance of her career.

Karen – Carla Gugino

Saved by the Bell

Amazingly enough you can’t even find this credit anywhere unless you see Gugino’s IMDB profile. Gugino played a ninth grader way back in the early 90′s of this show. It was the episode where Zack pretended to be in 9th grade and there were tons of very gay lines.  Gugino later finds out he was lying and that’s the end of that story.

Even then Gugino was a hottie.

Thanks for your time.

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