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Aug 05 2008

The Myspace Toolbox: “Stay Fresh” Armani F

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Armani F

There are a couple of things that I need to point out here. First of all, I’m guessing that the amount of time it takes for this guy to get ready to go out on a weekday is way longer than the time it takes for the average jappy girl to get ready on a weekend.

Second, the amount of time it takes him to get ready to go out on a weekend? The entire week leading up to that weekend. I never toot my own title but seriously guys, the amount of product is this guy’s hair is “uncoached.”

Pretty sure if this guy head butted me I would die on impact. For the record Armani F is a human. Yup, he’s human. Think about that fellow males. Just let it sink in.

Lord help me.

Armani F Armani F Armani F Armani F

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  • Jana

    He has such lovely eyes and had to ruin them with the rest of his face and head.

  • Ryan

    Ok. This guy has to be a transvestite. And it looks like he is trimming his scalp line. He’s definitely waxing his eyebrows, fake baking and probably has colored contact lenses. Basically everything about him is fake.

    This guy is really scaring me. What the fuck is the matter with people.

  • Official ARMANI F

    hahahah i love how u take the time outa ur day to sit here n wrtie about every person thas on this site which shows me JEALOUSYYYYYYYYYY hahah ur weak ill always get more pussy than the creator of this site n every1 else ur a joke n im lovin it . btw the eyes r real get over it that there r people in this world that look this good hahaha FUCK YOU

  • Natty

    I love this guy.



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