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Aug 04 2008

The Many Faces and Moods of Lou Piniella

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Lou Piniella

With the Chicago Cubs trying yet again to reach the coveted Word Series, much of the team’s success has been attributed to manager Lou Piniella. And why the hell not? He’s one of the most respected and beloved coaches in the history of Major League Baseball.

But with all success, and with all the acclaim always comes the “little” things that get you there. Put it this way: Tommy Lasorda wouldn’t have been loved by the fans if he didn’t kick dirt, and there’s no chance that Piniella would be as revered if he weren’t the fiery tantrum guy that he is.

So without further interruptions, may I present the caption version many moods of Lou Piniella.

Lou Piniella

Lou in his early days. “Should I play baseball? Eh, why not, it’s a peaceful game. I could be a nice guy in the bigs.”

Lou Piniella

“Nice catch you made earlier today Mays, don’t ever f*ckin’ do it again.”

Lou Piniella

“YMCA! Man I love this song!”

Lou Piniella

“Damnet son, if I weren’t your coach.”

Lou Piniella

“You’d be making this face too if your team sucked this bad. And what the hell is coming out of my neck?”

Lou Piniella

This is Lou’s impression of a constipated bald eagle.

Lou Piniella

Lou’s semi angry mood. Definitely close to throwing a base right here.

Lou Piniella

“You’re saving that much on car insurance?”

Lou Piniella

“Don’t worry guys. Give me 20 minutes. I’ll yell at someone eventually.”

Lou Piniella

“Oops I crapped my pants. I’m wearing them….and I just did.”

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