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Aug 01 2008

The Most Appropriate T-Shirt Ever

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Now what did I tell you people? I said it once before and I’ll say it again. There’s a very big yet simple difference between two drinking games. One game involves people throwing ping pong balls into a pyramid of cups. That game is called……BEIRUT.

And most of you people out there do it an injustice by calling it Beer Pong. Beer Pong is the game where you use a PING PONG PADDLE to hit balls into a pyramid of cups.

Think about guys. All you people who call it beer pong must realize that throwing a ping pong ball and hitting a ping pong ball are two different things. So wouldn’t you then assume that Beer Pong just might involve a paddle as well?

And then I think to myself, “Should I even care about distinguishing the two?”

You’re damned right I care. Get the f&cking name right damnet.

P.S. I deserve full commission from Busted Tees if these shirts get bought.

Beirut Beirut Beirut

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