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Aug 01 2008

The Best Supporting Seinfeld Characters Who Were Only in One Episode (Quotes Included)

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It is my personal opinion that there will never be another sitcom that even comes remotely close to Seinfeld. We all know how great it was and while the “Big 4″ certainly made up a large portion of what made the show successful, the supporting cast was vital. I consider myself somewhat of a Seinfeld expert and for me, it’s gotten to the point where I look for the little things in re-runs.

And those little things are the characters who only appeared for one episode but left a lasting impression. Don’t get me wrong, I give all the credit in the world to people like Newman, Puddy, Peterman, the Seinfelds, the Costanzas, Babu, Jackie Chiles, Kruger, Klompus, Joe Davola, Whatley, Mickey Abbott, Bania, Uncle Leo, the list goes on.

But these are some of the people who I’ll never forget despite the fact they were only in one episode (excluding the finale). P.S. This research was uncanny.

Carlos Jacott – Ramon the Pool Guy


But it’s not just Ramon that I love. It’s his buddy who says “With Ramon?” in a real fast way when inquiring about Jerry’s plans.

Ramon’s best quote: “Heyyy, I’m up for some stuff.”

Judge Reinhold – The Close Talker


It was so perfect seeing Reinhold here because no one had seen him since the movie Vice Versa.

Best Quote: “They bought me a coke.”

Larry Miller – The Doorman


Great episode here. And Miller is awesome as the cranky doorman.

The obvious quote – “You think you’re better than me don’t you.”

Larry Thomas – The Soup Nazi

Soup Nazi

Oddly enough, I don’t think his best line is “No Soup for You.” I think it’s when he says “You know something?” before he says “No Soup for you.”

Chaim Jeraffi – The Jiffy Dump Guy


This is the only when where I break the rules. This guy was actually in the show twice. In the episode where George’s car is in the lot and is being used by hookers (Wig Master episode), he’s the guy who runs the lot and says “we ask that you be patient and bear with us.”

His best quote is as the sanitation guy in the “The Strike” Episode when Kramer is trying to unload the muffin top stumps.

The guy says, “That’s what I’d like to know about it.”

Michael McDonald – The Gay Guy in “The Wig Master” Episode


This is the one where Jerry was pissed because the gay guy assumed he was heterosexual. It’s the same episode where Kramer gets arrested with the Technicolor Dreamcoat.

It’s only one line but probably one of the best in the history of Seinfeld.

“Ever been on the slide at Dance Club USA? It’s…..Intense.”

Colin Malone – The Sleazy Guy in “The Strike” episode

(Couldn’t find a picture, man that sucks)

Probably one of the weirdest and scuzziest looking characters in the history of the show. This is the episode where Elaine keeps giving out fake phone numbers. She winds up giving up a fake number to two sleaze bags, who end up seeing her at the Costanza’s later that day.

“Me, I’m a man. Charlie here, he’s a man.” (Colin plays Charlie)

Philip Baker Hall – Mr. Bookman in “The Library” Episode


The lost book episode. What a classic character. His best role is as a porn king in Boogie Nights.

Best line: “Pee Pees and wee wees.”

Taylor Negron – Hairdresser from the “Smelly Car” Episode

Taylor Negron

When Elaine is going to get her hair done to remove the stench from the body odor in Jerry’s car, the hairdresser guy is great.

His line? “Tomata Sauce.”

Lawrence Tierney – Alton Benes in “The Jacket” Episode


Probably one of, if not the best characters to appear in one episode. Credit to my buddy Nick for reminding me of him.

Two lines for Alton

1. “There’s nothing funny about that”

2. “Master of the house….”

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  • http://thedailyfu.com Riot

    the soup nazi appeared in the finale did he not???? that’s two episodes! HA!

  • Natty

    The answer is yes, and I feel badly about it.

  • http://realdebatewisconsin.blogspot.com Fred

    No Terri Hatcher?

    “Yes, they’re real, and they’re fabulous.”

  • Natty

    If you can honestly tell me that Hatcher’s character is better than the 10 I put up here then I don’t think you’re a true fan of Seinfeld.

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  • http://sportfiends.com houroc

    Very nice call on Lawrence Tierney… I forgot about him but I guess that means that he wasn’t that unforgettable.

    I used to love this show…. That whole KKKramer thing ruined it for me… :-/

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  • http://neatesager.blogspot.com NS

    It’s, “They’re real, and they’re spec-tac-u-lar.”

    What about Marlene:

    “I guess it all changed for me on Tuesday night.”
    “Tuesday night? What happened on Tuesday night?”
    “I saw your act.”

  • Mike

    How about Brody from the episode where Jerry does bootleg movies. I loved that guy.

  • Cosmo

    What about the moiyle Elaine got for the brisque?

  • http://www.conceptdynamic.com AG

    You left out James Spader!

  • caje

    what about clint howard?

  • Owls’n'Owls

    definitely clint howard, but i think you should also include George Wallace, the surgeon so entranced by the Eagles’ song “Witchy Woman” that he would let a patient die on the table if it is playing in the background. As a bonus, he is probably one of the only Seinfeld character whose screen time comes entirely during the closing credits

  • Roy Batty

    Here’s a pic of Colin Malone, he’s the guy on the left.

  • MC

    How about the double-dip guy?

    “Why do you just stick your entire face into the dip?”

    Can’t recall the exact line, but that guy was classic.

  • DecaturHeel

    I would submit Maggie Jakobson from “The Fix Up” (better known as Janice from “Friends”) as Cynthia belongs on the list. She was KILLER as Elaine’s “bitter, twisted” friend!

  • DB

    The Kenyan runner character in the marathon episode where he says to the lady in the apartment, “What a cute little bastard.”

  • CMS

    Slippery Pete, from the frogger episode.

  • Natty

    He was in two episodes. Was one of the passengers on Kramer’s imaginary Peterman tour bus.

  • Bill C.

    What about the maitre d’ at the Chinese restaurant who keeps telling George, Elaine, and Jerry that they will be seated next, and they just never get seated the entire episode?

    George: Did anybody call for Castanza?
    Maitre D’: Yes, so I called for Cartwright.
    George: Cartwright? Why would you say Cartwright? It’s Castanza!
    Maitre D’: Yes, Cartwright.


  • kevin

    how bout dan cortez as pretty boy tony..great parts and especially with george’s man crush..

    “Kramer what are you doing manana”
    “Step off George”

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  • nick

    The woman who can’t find her finacee in the episode ‘The Stranded’. She asks:

    ‘Has anyone seen my fiancee?…….’

    ‘I have lost my fiancee, the poor baby’

    Then Elaine comes up with one of the best lines in Seinfeld (in an Australian accent’-

    ‘Maybe the dingo ate your baby.’

  • Nate

    “Was one of the passengers on Kramer’s imaginary Peterman tour bus.”

    No, that was the guy who played Shlomo, and not neccesarily the same character.

    Of course, some of these appeared again in the Finale.

  • http://www.befirstinternetmarketing.co.nz PK

    Marlene is a great call, but the killer line is “it’s just so much fluff”
    and in a few moments when Jerry says”but you’re a cashier”.

    The wife and I still pull that out once in a while.

    Wasn’t Cynthia in just one episode? “He will go bald”

    apologize – that’s from memory



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