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Jul 31 2008

The Myspace Toolbox: J BIzzzzzzz

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J Bizzz

Does it really matter which one it is?

I wish this was made up, but this is Jeff’s “About me” section in his Myspace Profile

well im J BiZZZ aka jeffff…im into myself, but umm is there something wrong with that? i think not… confidence is everything in lifee.. so y not have the most confidence in YOURSELFF…i go to the gym every single day..i love it… takes off stress.. makes my body look good;)…xsport fitness is the best gym ive ever seen.. im thinkin about just moving in…i loveee my car…shit is beautifulll… its actually my current girlfriend lol…but besides that… its crazy fast so anyone that thinks there faster…get atchaa boii…

I’ve never been more afraid for the future of our Nation than I am at this moment. I will say this though. He does have a pretty hot lady on his hands. All the credit in the world for bagging her Jeff. You’re still pretty douchey though.

Holler at me boy!

J Bizzz J Bizzz J Bizzz J Bizzz

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7 responses so far

  • altctrldlte

    it really bothers me so much when people misuse “there” “their” and “they’re”.

  • johnboy

    aww he has wee man syndrome, how nice for him :)

  • christian

    haha. he talks about his fucking P.O.S. Maxima like it’s a real car. This guy is the reason the word ‘douche’ has been applied to those types of guys.

  • Ryan

    Yeah, nice car loser. Another clueless small time lowlife. This guy has obviously never left his trailer park. Oh and I’d have to disagree about the chick Natty. She looks like the typical inbred butter face skank

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  • Jeff

    This guy goes to the gym everyday! What is he doing watching other people lift weights? Maybe he works there and he cleans the sweat off of the equipment after people use it. This guy doesn’t look like he has worked out a day of his life.

  • Beth

    Wow this kid is hot :)



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