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Jul 29 2008

Whatever Happened to Buddy Revell from Three O’Clock High?

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Richard Tyson Richard Tyson

For all of you “tweeners” out there who simply don’t understand fine cinema that involves people other than Hanna Montana, let me point you to a classic that’s right up there with your Breakfast Clubs and Sixteen Candles of the world:

Three O’Clock High is the story of a weenie who must overcome a bully who he is set to fight at 3:00PM after school. It is the true story of triumph, courage and the desire for greatness. But who played the bully? His name is Richard Tyson and I think Buddy Revell is one of the best characters of all time.

Since then? You might remember him as the bad guy in Kindergarten Cop and the crazy cop in Something About Mary. Tyson remains an actor and I’m still waiting on Four O’Clock High: “He Put a Kick me Sign on My back”

Love this guy

Richard Tyson Richard Tyson Richard Tyson

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  • blah blah

    Dude owns a bar in Santa Monica and goes by the nickname Bama. Swear to god. The bar is called the “The Over Under.” Just dont touch him.

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