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Jul 28 2008

The Myspace Toolbox: Michael Bugs Us Out

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When someone’s tagline reads “I pregame harder than you party” there’s only one conclusion: Small Penis. I know this because the name of my fantasy baseball team is “I pregame harder than you party.”

Seriously man, who the hell writes that crap? And as I write this, the music on Michael’s Myspace profile is giving me a major headache.  Plus he has a Scarface picture up.  Come on dude. Y ou don’t shoot people. You’re not cool.  Give it up.  Just stop.

You’re a tool. You know you’re a tool. It’s just obvious. Admit it man.

michae_tool_5.jpg michae_tool_4.jpg michae_tool_3.jpg michae_tool_1.jpg

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  • Ryan

    Good God. They just keep getting worse dont they. Its funny I almost thought this was a joke, the picture with him and his buddy with the hard ass poses. But I guess it’s not. I guess the world offers pretty much everything. That there are really idiots out there like this.
    Notice every douche on this site has the same hair. And whats with the scalped side burns that all these guys are sporting these days. Oh I forgot, it’s a wigger thing.

    I wish these guys could read what we’re saying about them.

  • Ryan

    Nice midget wigger friend!

  • Ryan

    I guarantee this dude’s a fag!

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