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Jul 28 2008

Alright John Daly, This is Getting a Little Ridiculous

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John Daly looked a little larger at this year’s Royal Birkdale Open.

Open Letter to John Daly:

John, I love ya. Every guy in America loves you. I think other than Ron Jeremy, you are the epitome of what the “everyday man” wants to be: You can drink like a fish, you’re a little overweight and don’t care, you party with chicks you’re not supposed to get, and you have an enduring god given ability in a sport that involves walking and beautiful scenery.

However, buddy, pal.  Now it’s getting a little out of hand. It’s fun to a be pudgy lovable guy. But this goes beyond that my friend. This is your intervention. Johnny, baby. You gotta lay off the sauce and the wings for a while…seriously.

Like I said, I love ya buddy. Hell you’re on my website banner. But I think I speak for American males in saying that we’d all love you to win one more major. At this rate you might have a heart attack before that happens.

Come on buddy

http://inverell.yourguide.com.au/news/national/national/sport/big-names-blown-away-by-beastly-birkdale/1060511.aspx http://inverell.yourguide.com.au/news/national/national/sport/big-names-blown-away-by-beastly-birkdale/1060511.aspx

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